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There is a thriving academic training scheme within the East of England Deanery, which is attached to the University of Cambridge and the University of East Anglia.

Academic trainees spend between 25% (ACF) and 50% (ACL) of their work time doing research. Further information on clinical academic training can be found on the NIHR website:


The University of Cambridge Clinical Academic Training Office (CATO) has a website full of information relevant for people interested in taking up a clinical academic career in Cambridge:


The University of East Anglia has a similar website for information about Academic Clinical Training with UEA:


If you are interested in Academic Clinical Training in psychiatric neuroscience you are welcome to visit the Cambridge Neuroscience website (, which can help you to explore the research that is happening in Cambridge, find events and meetings, and explore potential supervisors. In fact, the first step in getting a clinical academic post is generally to discuss a project with one of the prospective supervisors.


The following people are happy to be contacted for information about academic training in psychiatry in Cambridge (2024):

 Name  Research webpage with contact details/email address:
 Jeremy Solly
 Emanuele Osimo
 Benjamin Illingworth
 Axel Laurell




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