The East of England Postgraduate School of Psychiatry benefits from good relationships with the academic department of Psychiatry in the University of Cambridge. The academic department, being one of only two RAE 5* rated UK departments of psychiatry in the RAE 2001 is ideally placed to deliver academic training.

The Department has international expertise in several fields of psychiatry led by Professor PeterJones (Head of Department) (epidemiology, schizophrenia, health services research), Professor Ed Bullmore (neuroimaging), Professor Ian Goodyer(adolescent affective disorder), Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (autism), Professor Tony Holland (learning disability), Professor Barbara Sahakian (neuropsychology), Professor Felicia Huppert (cognition and well-being), Professor Paul Fletcher (functional neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience), Dr Adrian Grounds (forensic psychiatry), Dr Jonathan Dowson (adult ADHD) and Dr Howard Ring (neuropsychiatry).

Trainees in the department can thus be well supervised by a suitably skilled experienced academic clinician and the department can accommodate a wide range of academic interests. The department's links with other RAE 2001 5* academic centres in the University, including the Department of Experimental Psychology, the MRC/Wellcome Trust Behavioural and Clinical Neurosciences Institute, the Institutes of Health and Criminology and the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre also mean that it is well placed to support academic training that combines psychiatry with a range of related scientific areas, increasing in breadth and depth the research training opportunities available to those who will become the next generation of academic psychiatrists.

The academic department of psychiatry together with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust (the associated Mental Health Trust) have been awarded five ACF posts and two ACL posts. In addition, the academic department and the trust have also recently been awarded one of the large and prestigious CLAHRC (Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) grants. These various awards are indicative of the very successful and exciting relationships between academic and clinical aspects of psychiatry that exist locally.