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The aim of the dual training programme is to help the trainee to become a medical psychotherapist and psychiatrist, who embraces and integrates their medical and psychiatric identity as a specialist psychotherapeutic psychiatrist.  The general goals of professional attributes, risk, audit, teaching and supervision, clinical and service management, organisational change and clinical governance will form the backbone of this training programme as they do other advanced psychiatric training programmes.

The distinct theoretical and experiential aim of dual training is to integrate the knowledge and skills of two CCT trainings in both General Adult Psychiatry and Medical Psychotherapy in such a way that the future Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy is helped to inform their professional orientation to their Medical Psychotherapy role according to these two different sub-specialities and different paradigms of mind.

Psychoanalytic trainees will be required to learn about the theoretical foundations of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.  The Foundations of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course, the D58 Tavistock course will fulfil this aim in the first two years of dual training , Some trainees may wish to continue this Diploma course into a third year to write a dissertation and obtain a Master’s degree and we would support this.

Psychoanalytic trainees may consider and discuss the possibility of an external psychoanalytic training with a training recognised by the British Psychoanalytic Council during their training in developmental discussion with their Medical Psychotherapy Educational Supervisor, such as the Tavistock (MI) Interdisciplinary training in adult psychotherapy However, while application for external psychoanalytic training may occur within the dual training it is often the case that such training cannot commence until the trainee has completed their Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy training and is established geographically in post so the time commitment of training (usually five years) can be successfully completed.

The Dual Medical Psychotherapy and General Psychiatry Training Programme will aim to help the trainee to integrate any external psychoanalytic training with their development as an NHS Consultant if they are accepted and commence training within the CCT training period.

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