Regional Teaching


This page gives details of regional training available to core and higher trainees in the East of England.

Please click on the buttons below for details, and relevant documents (such as teaching programme where available) are near the bottom of this page.

Note that the previous venue for training at Block 14, Ida Darwin, is being phased out so keep an eye out for the new locations !

For more specific (non-recurring) trainee opportunities, please see the separate page here


Core training - Clinical skills (updated for 2020)

Core Training- Clinical Skills in Psychiatry Training

Clinical Skills in Psychiatry Training sessions are for Foundation Year Trainees, GP trainees and Core Psychiatry trainees.  They focus on the common clinical scenarios encountered in Psychiatry, General Practice and other clinical specialties.  These sessions should particularly be attended throughout core training. 


For the first half of 2020:

25.02 The Hall, Block 20, Ida Darwin
17.03 The Hall, Block 20, Ida Darwin   Cancelled due to coronavirus

28.04 The Hall, Block 20, Ida Darwin
19.05 The Hall, Block 20, Ida Darwin
16.06 The Hall, Block 20, Ida Darwin
14.07 The Hall, Block 20, Ida Darwin


Time: 0900 to 1600

Venue: Watch up for updates on emails ! (Locations may change)

Further information:
Please email Mitchell Brookes-Jones, on , mentioning the subject as ‘Clinical Skills in Psychiatry Training’.


Cambridge MRCPsych course

The Cambridge MRCPsych course runs (slightly variably to include the Clinical Skills sessions and holidays) on alternate Tuesdays in term time.  The course is available for core trainees in CPFT, ELFT and NSFT and other trainees in the region if needed.  Note that the structure of the course is likely to change in 2020.

The content of the course is subject to change but a draft version for Spring/Summer 2020 is available at the end of this webpage including locations.

Higher Training - Regional Teaching (Adult / Old Age) - next Tues 24th March 2020
These are the dates for our ST Regional Training Days coming up in 2020: (watch out for changes to venues)
• Tuesday 24th March 2020 
• Wednesday 20th May 2020
• Wednesay 22nd July 2020 (Note day, and watch out for details of our annual trainees' picnic !)
Current programme (this is subject to change) for the next few meetings includes:
24th Mar 20                                   
1100 Dr Chris O'Loughlin     Moving from ARCPs to consultant appraisals
1330 Dr Gbola Otun             Evolution of Mental Health Law and its competing principles
Venue:  Now at Victoria House in Fulbourn, Cambridge.  Watch out for the latest emails or programme agenda for details
And dates for the first half of 2021:
• Wednesday 27 January
• Tuesday 23 March
• Wednesday 26 May
• Wednesday 21 July
Higher Training - CAMHS

CAMHS teaching sessions are held weekly in the Brookside Family Consultation Clinic, Cambridge. Please visit for more details. The schedule of the current term is attached here.

Higher Training - Learning Disability

The regional training programme for learning disability higher trainees takes place at various sites across the Trusts in the region.  It has a separate page with further information about the higher training scheme here: 

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