SuppoRTT Plan 


All trainees are required to complete an individualised SuppoRTT plan and participate in structured planning and review meetings when leaving and returning to training, with their TPD/College Tutor. This will enable trainees to document any plans to stay up to date with training whilst away from practice and also identify any anticipated support required upon their return.

When to complete the plan

Part 1 - Trainees are required to complete the 'leavers' section of the plan at least three months prior to the anticipated leave date. The only exception to this is for trainees going on OOPR, who will need to complete the leavers section of the form six months prior to the anticipated leave date. 

Part 2 - The 'returners' section of the plan should be completed three months prior to your anticipated return date. 

Part 3 - The 'returners review' section of the form should be completed 2 weeks after your return to work. 

The full plan (parts 1-3) can be downloaded from the bottom of this page and are incorporated into one form. Please tick the relevant checkbox at the bottom of the form to open each new section. 

How to download the form 

The SuppoRTT plan form can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. You will need to right click over the document and 'save/download link as', then save the document to a local folder on your PC or desktop and open it form there. You will not be able to open the form directly from the website.


Enhanced Shadowing 

As part of the supported return to clinical practice doctors are strongly encouraged to participate in a period of enhanced shadowing for 2 weeks prior to their return date; this will provide a supported introduction back into the workplace, during which the trainee can regain clinical knowledge and confidence. It is the trainee’s responsibility to negotiate this with their HR/rota coordinator and their Educational Supervisor/College Tutor at least 3 months prior to their return date.

The period of enhanced shadowing will be reviewed at the trainee’s ARCP and the ARCP panel will decide whether the time should count towards training.

During this 2 week period;

- Trainees will participate in closely supervised work and by the end of the period trainees should be working at a level commensurate with re-entry into the training programme.

- Trainees will be surplus to the rota at their employing Trust and will not be used to fill rota gaps

- Trainees are required to work whole/full time equivalent during this time.

- The trainee’s employing Trust will pay the trainee for this period via the usual pay mechanisms.

Opting Out

If a trainee feels the enhanced shadowing period is unnecessary this will need to be discussed with the TPD/College Tutor during the return to training meeting and must be clearly indicated on part 2 of the SuppoRTT plan.

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