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Resilient Leadership

Resilient leadership is not about hierarchical positioning, it is more about who you are as a person and what you do as a leader.

Changing our external environment is not often possible but we can train ourselves to better our inner state, to improve our approach to situations and build our capacity to cope in extremely stressful environments, emerging happier and stronger.

What is the Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) framework?


Working within the Resilient Leadership ElementsTM (RLE) framework, there are four key elements to being resilient and effective under pressure:

  • Clarity of Direction: 
    • Creating a goal so you know where you are going and why
    • Techniques to stay focused on what is important and filter out distractions that cause worry, energy drain and anxiety
    • Manage perspective and reframe challenging and adverse situations
  • Awareness
    • Understand what takes you from pressure to stress
    • Identify the stress warning signs and symptoms to be aware of
    • Develop a strategy for rebalance and building recovery into your daily life
  • Leadership Presence
    • Gain clarity on your values and identify what is present and what is missing in your life right now
    • Clarity on your roles and relationships
    • Developing a support network and the courage to ask for help
  • Resilient Decision Making
    • Strategies for thinking correctly under pressure
    • Improving decision making in challenging environments
    • Build your creative decision making by identifying blocks that prevent you from moving forward

In a series of webinars, Beyond the Barriers have been working with the Professional Support and Well-being service to deliver on what each of these elements mean in more detail. We have provided some information below and a link to the dates when these will be run. These will be shared upon request.

Individual Support offered to PSW trainees

A PSW trainee can expect access to the RLE online coaching platform for up to 8 weeks. 

  • The online portal comprises comprehensive accredited assessment tools including the 72 question resilience self-assessment and peer assessment, a set of supporting materials for individuals to progress their development in a structured manner using learning logs, and our unique challenge and strengths “engines”.
  • The challenge engine uses data from the assessment tools to tailor development exercises and leadership challenges to specifically address individuals’ areas of resilience that are less strong. Individuals are presented with challenges that relate specifically to their environment and situation. Our data shows a strong correlation between the number of challenges completed and the rate of resilient development achieved by individuals. 
  • We describe the combination of resources and tools available through the portal as a “virtual resilience coach”. The individuals we work with have access to the virtual resilience coaching materials and guidance in addition to their accredited personal coach. The personal coach explains how to use the virtual resilience coaching support to maximise personal development in up to 3 formal one-to-one coaching sessions.
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