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Balancing Training and Well-being Workshops

HEE East of England is pleased to offer this workshop to all trainees focusing on balancing the demands of work, training and personal life. We know that training can be a stressful and anxiety provoking time. There are many competing demands; work, placements, exams, ARCP’S, portfolios, research, papers, family/ friends and home life commitments (to name a few).

This workshop will introduce a psychological model which will support trainees to reflect on the current demands of their work and training, and the impact that this might be having. We will utilise the model to both normalise challenges often faced in training, and also identify small changes that can support trainees to achieve and sustain a sense of balance, that is often crucial for our wellbeing.

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Learning objectives:

To reflect on current demands of training and the impact that this has on the trainee

  • To identify external and internal challenges to maintaining work-life balance and/ or wellbeing
  • To introduce a model that can help trainees to navigate their training journey and facilitate a work-life balance that supports sustained wellbeing
Course facilitators

Dr Emma Lishman and Dr Ines Obradovic are Clinical Psychologists who work for Hammet Street Consultants and specialises in working with doctors in training. Recognising the immense pressure junior doctors face they started running courses (reducing stress and anxiety, exam support) which offer support and open up conversations about some of the difficulties doctors face.

Facilitator Bio’s

Dr Emma Lishman is a Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Lead at Hammet Street Consultants. Emma has a background in providing psychological support to doctors both via the Health Education England (PSW’s/ PSU’s) and at trust level and has been working with trainee doctors for over 9 years. Emma has an interest in trauma including work based trauma. Emma has a particular interest in understanding the importance of our contexts and interactions and strongly believes that resilience and wellbeing should be seen as processes that rise from between us rather than within us.

Dr Ines Obradovic is a Clinical Psychologist at North Bristol NHS Trust. She works in the Medicine Clinical Health Psychology Service, and has an interest and passion for supporting the wellbeing of individuals and teams working in the NHS. She has spent the last 6 years working for Hammet Street Consultants, working with a number of deaneries across the UK to support the wellbeing of Junior doctors. She has a particular interest in the application of Compassion-focused approaches at individual and systemic levels. 

Thursday, 17 February, 2022
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Thursday, 17 February, 2022