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Communication Skills Support

Effective communication skills are essential for doctors, dentists and pharmacists. 

The PSW are able to offer the following support:

Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction / elocution support consists of 10 1:1 sessions with a communications skills provider. 

Virtual coaching

Online based communication skills coaching is provided over the course of 8 sessions and can help to address confidence issues, understanding cues, being understood, working better within a team setting, consultation skills or practical exam support. These will be held as 1:1 virtual sessions. There are 8 sessions included.

1:1 Advanced Comms Skills Coaching 

1:1 sessions can be provided virtually in order to address advanced communication skills including data gathering, effective history taking, the impact of structure, explanation, planning, shared decision making and high level consultation skills. The number of sessions provided may vary depending on the level of support required. 

Communication Skills Workshops

The PSW currently run Communication Skills workshops aimed at HEE EoE International Medical Graduate (IMG) trainees and Medical Trainee Initiative (MTI) doctors.

The workshops address basic communication skills including verbal and non-verbal communication, tone of voice, clarity of speech, accent reduction etc and there is an opportunity to work with role players throughout the day. 

To view when the next workshops are being held, select the link: IMG/MTI doctors Communication Skills


Monday, 17 December, 2018
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Monday, 17 December, 2018