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How to refer to the PSW


The Professional Support and Well-being (PSW) service is a referral based service.

Please see the information below and choose the correct form for your circumstances.

Educator Referral Self-referral for postgraduate doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training

Exam Referral for postgraduate doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training

Referrals to the the PSW  can be made by either the clinical or educational supervisor, Training Programme Director (TPD) or Head of School (HoS).  Input from a senior educator helps us to ensure an appropriate and effective action plan is in place. A referral from an educator can also help to ensure that the trainee is well supported if they are required to attend support sessions outside of the work environment or, should any local support need to be put in place.  Self-referrals for exam support have been in place since 2018. Since Covid-19, self-referrals to the PSW can also be made as for all concerns now. The PSW always encourages to have a conversation with at least one educator if possible as they can support you more closely, although this is not mandatory.

We recommend that this form should be completed by the trainee however, we will accept referral forms from the Training Programme Director (TPD) or Educational Supervisor (ES).

Link to NHSE EoE PSW Educator Referral form

Link for NHSE EoE PSW Self-referral form

Link for NHSE EoE PSW Exam Referral 

What to expect

Once a referral has been received by the PSW Admin team, the referral will be reviewed in triage within 5 working days. With the exception of an exam support referral, a case manager meeting will be arranged, with the view to be seen in 3 weeks, unless there is a need to be seen sooner.

A follow up meeting will be discussed in the meeting and agreed follow up period will be decided with the case manager.

Following the meeting, any onward referrals will be arranged. A record of the meeting will be shared with you and there will an opportunity to comment. We ask that actions/specific outcomes are shared with the Educational Supervisor and/or Training Programme Director.

For exam support, onward referrals will be decided after receiving an email as long as they meet the criteria; for exam support, a meeting will only be arranged for clarification and will be with the PSW admin team.


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