How to refer

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, if you wish to self - refer please use the Form C which can be found here

You will still need to follow the instructions at the bottom of this page in order to view and edit the referral form. 

Referrals to the The Professional Support and Well-being Service (PSW) would normally be made by either the clinical or educational supervisor, Training Programme Director (TPD) or Head of School (HoS). Input from a senior educator helps us to ensure an appropriate and effective action plan is in place.  A referral from an educator can also help to ensure that the trainee is well supported if they are required to attend support sessions outside of the work environment or, should any local support need to be put in place. We would also normally accept self-referrals for exam failure only however, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will be accepting self-referrals from all doctors including Non - training grades (i.e.MTI, SAS and LED) and Post CCT consultants and GPs. 

We are unsure how long we will be accepting self-referrals post COVID-19 but this will be reviewed regularly and updates circulated accordingly.

We are of course still happy to accept referrals for exam support from trainees directly as well as the full referral framework from educators if appropriate. 


Referral Forms

Referral forms are to be completed electronically and sent to as an email attachment. 

The PSW asks the form to be completed with as much detail as possible as it may delay how quickly we are able to allocate a Case Manager to the trainee, and put support in place. Any incomplete referral forms will be returned. 

The referral form will be reviewed in the strictest confidence by a member of the PSW team.

The PSW will respond in the first instance by email. Telephone conversations can be arranged through email contact if necessary.


Referral of a doctor or dentist in training
Educators or employers wishing to refer a doctor or dentist in training in a Health Education England training post in the East of England, download, complete and return the Full Referral Framework below. 

Self-referral by doctor or dentist in training
Trainees in a Health Education England training post in the East of England wishing to refer themselves for repeated exam failure, should download, complete and return the PSW Self Referral form below. 

Trainees must have been unsuccessful at the exam on two or more occassions, or display a pattern of repeated exam failure in the past. 

Referral or self-referral for doctor or dentist not in training
Doctors or dentists that do not hold a National Training Number are not able to access PSW funded support however, in some cases Trusts (or the individual concerned) may wish to fund some services privately. If you would like to discuss this further, please email


How to Download and Open the HEE EoE Digital Form

The form cannot be opened or completed in a web browser.  Please ensure you download and save the document locally on your PC/laptop, then open it as a PDF with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader before completing.