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Career Planning Structure

Choosing the right specialty is a critical decision that all junior doctors face each year. Good career decisions can be best achieved by many medical students and junior doctors by following a structured approach. One common structure is that highlighted in the Roads to Success book. Please click here for the free download of the 'Roads to Success'  (Joan Reid and Caroline Elton). This is an extremely practical quick read. This book highlights the four key stages of career planning and decision-making as;

  • Self assessment

  • Career Exploration

  • Decision making

  • Plan implementation

We suggest you work though the 4 stages of the plan and undertake some of the activities on the next pages.

Also you might find useful some further information on career planning which looks at different models e.g. planned happenstance.

Career Planning Using Psychology in Career Planning : Listen to this podcast on career planning and the theory of planned Happenstance in Career Planning.

Making Sense of the Medical Career Pathway : Listen to Podcast from Sally Blake on how to clarify the pathways available in a career plan




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