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Careers Support Masterclass video suite

We have created 3 videos focusing on careers support which can be located by clicking the blue boxes at the bottom of this page. The self assessment tools and career exploration tools listed below are excellent resources to aid you in giving careers support to doctors in training you are currently working with. If you feel you know a doctor in training who would benefit from a careers support session with Katie Dallison, please complete a PSW referral form here.

Self Assessment tools

Card Sorts – The Roads to Success pdf contains a medically focused card sort that can be printed out and used. Pages 15-18 with instructions on how to use the cards on the following pages..

An online priorities check list can be found here.

There are many free personality or trait tests online. 16 Personalities is one of the better free MBTI (or Myers Briggs) to consider how trainees like to work with others among other traits.

The two main medically focused tests that match trainees to specialities based on their answers to a series of questions are:

Example careers reflection templates from the Medic Portal – while these are written for medical students/pre-entry, the process is the same for reflecting on any medical experience.

Career Exploration tools

The list of websites below are good starting points for exploring specialties and online networking.

Exploring specialities online:

Exploring portfolio careers:

Networking and talking to people:

  • - LinkedIn is a professional networking website used by millions and is growing in the users from the medical field. There is a lot of information on how to set up a profile and doctors can perform an alumni search by going to their old university and highlighting the Alumni tab.
  • - originally an American online networking site for doctors but expanded now to include rest of the world. Has an interesting range of topic specific discussion forums.
  • - UK doctors networking site which allows users to ask open questions on a variety of topics.
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