Trainee Health & Wellbeing

Looking after your health should be priority. The health and wellbeing of yourself and the team around you is influenced by a wide range of issues in employment; the work environment, exam failure, leadership and management, work design, and employment policies and procedure, as well as outside compounding factors such as significant life events, anxiety, stress and depression.

If you are a trainee that feels that they would benefit from support during a difficult time, then speak with your Educational Supervisor, Training Programme Director or another of the education team and arrange a PSU referral. Note that for exam support, the PSU accept a self-referral.

General Advice

A range of topics around health and wellbeing include: 

Working Shifts & Nights is a document created by Michael Farquhar (@DrMikeFarquhar, explaining the importance of considering your own health when working shifts and nights.

- BMA - Wellbeing Advice - Here you will find a variety of useful information and support from the BMA.

The BMA also have a  piece on their website written by a trainee doctor as part of the writing competition.  The message it gives is quite powerful. 

- Working The Night Shift

A list of further resources are listed here: national support services available

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