Archived GP Events

Here you will find all of the available presentations and documentation from past GP events.

Autumn Seminar 2017
The theme for the Autumn Seminar 2017 was ‘Innovation and Excellence’.

Please see the below selection of workshop presentations from this event -

The Long View - John Howard, Vijay Nayar & Janet Rutherford 

Lead Employer and the New Trainee Contract - Debbie Livesey & Jessica Massey 

The GP Forward View - Mark Sanderson 

Is Postgraduate Medical Specialty Training Broken? - Bill Irish 

GP Trainer Nuts and Bolts - COTs - Janet Rutherford 

GP Trainer Nuts and Bolts - CBDs - Janet Rutherford 

Research on Good GP Training - Jo Wren 

​We will continue to add to this page as the presentations are sent through.

Preparing for Practice: Life after GP training

Please see the below resources from this event -

Event Handbook

What to Look for in an Employer - Elaine Grierson, StH&K

Considering your Priorities, Options and Opportunities after GP Training - Rachael Marchant, First5

Medicolegal Topis: Protecting Yourself and the Patient in General Practice - Myooran Nathan, MDDUS

More may be added as these come through from the facilitators.

Spring Symposium 2017
The title for the Spring Symposium 2017 was ‘Quality Improvement Through Education’.

Please see the below selection of workshop presentations from this event -

The Long View - John Howard, Vijay Nayar & Lucy Eldon

Learning to Make a DifferenceSusan Went

Lead Employer and New Trainee ContractDebbie Livesey & Jim Flynn

Maximising the Nursing TeamLucy Eldon

The CSA: What is 'Clinical Management' and why do some trainees struggle with it?Roger Tisi

​Revised ARCP Process - Janet Rutherford

The P Word: Can we teach professionalism?Roger Tisi

​The NHS GP Health Service with accompanying Notes from Presentation - Lucy Henshall & Claire Gallagher

Helping IMGs to achieve their potentialVijay Nayar

Research in Primary CareHelen Jung

CSA: Improving Candidates' ManagementKevork Hopayian

The Pros and Cons of reflection - Roger Tisi

​Is My Trainee's Audit Good Enough? - Mark Attah 

Spring Symposium 2016
The title for the Spring Symposium 2016 was ‘Leadership for Learners’.  We looked at how leadership in its widest sense, both for and by our learners, can make a difference to our educational community and the populations we serve.  

Please see the below selection of workshop presentations from this event -

Approving Educators and Learning Environments - Kate Wishart and John Kedward

ARCP Panel Chair Training - Kate Wishart

CEPNs Leadership in Localities - Victoria Fennell, Amanda Lyes and Janet Rutherford

Global Health - Geetali Sharma and Roger Tisi

GMC Standards for Education - Jo Wren

Leaders in Waiting - Amar Rughani and Samantha Wong

Leading Learners to CSA Success - Roger Tisi

Mindful Medics - Reena Kotecha and Vijay Nayar

Nuts & Bolts - Simon Downs

Team Up: Collaborative Leadership in Practice - Jessica Lainchbury and Janet Rutherford

Training Practices and Communities of Practice - Clare Morris

What's New in WBA - John Howard

GP School Open Days and Awards 2016

Since HEE is an educational organiser, education and achieving our potential was the focus for the day. In the School of GP we want to support those who need support and challenge high achievers to spur them on in their careers. For learners and teachers we aim to recognise achievement and hopefully inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

We would like to thank all of our trainees, educators and guest speakers who were able to attend.  We would also like to give a special thanks to MDDUS for their sponsorship.

We take great pleasure in watching our trainees develop and become competent and reflective GPs and the Open Day is all about celebrating your success. 

Click here for GP School Open Day Handbook

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Autumn Seminar 2016
The title for the Autumn Seminar 2016 was ‘Working Together to Shape the Future’

Please see the below section of workshop presentations from this event - 

Adjusting Student Placements - Nicola Rooke

Assessing Telephone Consultations - Jonathan Rial

Care Navigators - Jacqui Simms

CEPNs - The Role of the Educator in Transforming the Local Workforce - Emma Brandon

CEPS Made Easy - John Howard

Differential Attainment of Learners - Kirsty White

District and General Practice Nursing Service Education and Career Framework - Chris Sykes

Duty of Candour - Jo Wren

Practice Based Small Group Learning - Jonathan Rial

Professional use of Social Media - Jo Wren

RDMP - Claire Giles, Brendon O'Leary

Scheme Development Ideas for GP TPDs - Cyrus Fernandes and Elizabeth Hornung

Stretching the Able Learner - Janet Rutherford

Team Up - Josie Turner, Jessica Lainchbury

The Future Primary Care Workforce - Martin Roland

The Physical Activity Clinical Champions Network - Chris Rufford

Veterans Healthcare - Julian Woodhouse, Ed Fraser, Luke Woodley

Widening Participation in Primary Carae to Boost Recruitment - Emma Wakelin, Janet Rutherford

Spring Symposium 2015

Please see the below selection of workshop presentations from this event -

ARCP Panel Member Training - Kate Wishart

​Coaching and Mentoring - Rebecca Viney

​Improving Recruitment and Retention of General Practitioners - Simon Barrow

Making the most out of CBDs - Roger Tisi

​Managing Uncertainty in General Practice - Cate Davis, Helen Edwards, Janet Rutherford

Pastoral Care for Sustainable General Practice - Peter Graves

Professional Support Unit - The role of the Case Manager - Ian Barton, Karen Panesar

Rolling with the punches: Developing your Personal Recipe for Resilience - Amy Iversen, Charlotte Feinmann

Teaching Empathy - Emma Brandon

Thinking about Thinking Errors - Paul Driscoll

Who is at risk in the CSA and how do we help them? - Roger Tisi

Autumn Seminar 2015

Please see the below selection of workshop presentations from this event -

ARCP Panels: What Happens - Kate Wishart

Assessing OOH Competency - John Kedward

Case Based Discussions - John Kedward

Community Education Provider Networks - HEEM Experience - David Poll

CQC's Approach to Inspection and Regulation - John Byrne

Cultural Competence in Health Education - Vijay Nayar

Developing GP Nursing - Jenny Aston

Difficult Conversations - Vijay Nayar

Focus Group: Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacists - Judy Croot

GMC Guidance on Raising Concerns and Candour - Jo Wren

Growing your Patience through Apprenticeships - Sarah Gooch and Sallyann Woodthorpe

Helping Trainees Reflect - Kate Wishart

Making the Most of the ST3 Year - Morooj Mohammad

Managing Multiple Learners - Cyrus Fernandes

Nurse Revalidation - Susan Aitkenhead

Pharmacy Workshop - Maria Christou, Judy Croot

Physician Associate brief - Jade Moore

Physician Associates in Training and Beyond: The PA’s perspective - Jade Moore

Planning an Effective Trainee Induction - Cyrus Fernandes

Supporting Practice Nurses in the New World of Gerenal Practice - Marina Lupari

Teaching Telephone Communication Skills - John Kedward

The Long View - John Howard

Training Primary Care Pharmacists - Paula Wilkinson

Wellbeing - Katie Keller and Sara Booth

What would you do if... - Kate Wishart

Why Compassion and can we Teach it - Vijay Nayar

Workplace Based Assessment - John Kedward