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Neurodiversity Workshop

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training in the East of England. This interactive and informative Neurodiversity workshop will be a safe place for everyone (including neurodivergent students) to learn and share.  

Key Topics

The session will include: 

  • Discuss neurodiversity as a normal part of human variation and something to be accepted and celebrated 
  • Understand what neurodivergence means, including different neurodivergent conditions particularly Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia as well as a brief look at language and intersectionality.
  • Explore the strengths neurodivergent students bring to the workplace and the barriers they may face.
  • Discuss neuronormativity within the workplace and think about how we can advocate for ourselves and others particularly when navigating through getting support and reasonable adjustments
  • To provide an understanding of neurodiversity, and how reasonable adjustments can be used to better support neurodivergent colleagues
  • To build confidence in advocating for and supporting those with neurodivergent conditions

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About the facilitators

Ms Amy Phipps

Amy is a social worker and neurodiversity trainer with 25 years of experience working alongside autistic people - across both the statutory and voluntary sectors.  She has a Masters in Social Work and a Post-Graduate certificate in Autism, but learns the most from her fabulous 13-year-old son who is autistic. She currently delivers training to a range of audiences such as health and social care, education and families/carers, for organisations such as the National Autistic Society, the Diversity Trust and Bristol Autism Support.   As well as lived experience as a carer she has personal experience of neurodivergence, with a diagnosis of dyscalculia. She also manages her website and blog 'Autism Families' (, and her free time hangs out with her family, including two lovely whippets. 

Ms Rosalind Brooks

Rosalind is an Autistic Occupational Therapist with experience of working with neurodivergent adults. Rosalind currently works as a mentor for university students and young adults as well as a trainer and consultant in neurodiversity and disability equality. Rosalind takes a strength based approach believing that the things we find challenging are often linked with the things we do best. As an artist and poet Rosalind brings both creativity and reflection into her work. Rosalind has personal and professional experience of mental and physical health conditions. 

When not working they are likely to be making things, wild swimming or reading romance novels.

Wednesday, 4 October, 2023
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Wednesday, 4 October, 2023