Self - Care and Well-being Resources can be found using the FAQ buttons below.

Please scroll down to the contact boxes for other useful information. 


Helping school age children to understand COVID-19

WHO along with 49 other healthcare / humanitarian organisations have released a book for children to help understand the COVID-19 situation. This may be useful for trainees with children. The book can be found here

Dos and Donts - COVID Trauma Response Working Group

The COVID trauma response working group have issued some helpful Do's and Don'ts. These can be found here

PPE Guidance

Most Trusts have issued their own guidance regarding Infection control, social distancing at work and PPE however, we have also written some guidance which can be found here

NHS Support Services

The NHS have recently launched a resource to support the NHS workforce. Details can be found here.

More information can be found in the documents below.

In addition, there is also an NHS helpline. 

Further details can be found here and the contact details are as follows:

Phone: 0300 131 7000 (07:00 - 23:00)

Text FRONTLINE to 85258 (24hr)


The BMJ have issued guidance on self care for junior doctors during the COVID-19 Pandemic and this can be found here

They have also issued an article on managing mental health challenges which can be found here

A further article on psychological support during COVID-19 was released in Jan 2021. This can be found here.

'Mind' / 'Suffolk Mind'

'Mind' have pulled together some resources to help you look after yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources can be found here.

'Suffolk Mind' have also written some guidance on how to fulfill emotional needs whilst self-isolating which can be found here

The Intensive Care Society

The Intensive Care Society have issued some tips and resources on wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic and this can be found here

Red Whale

An emotional and psychological survival guide from Red Whale can be found here

Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full guidance on physical and mental well-being for health care workers can be found here


Please click here to view the BMA Well-being Services poster. 

Available Apps (Free to use)

All NHS staff can now access free accredited mental health apps to help with sleep and anxiety as part of a nationwide effort to support the mental health of the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daylight - designed to help with worry and anxiety - and Sleepio - a digital sleep improvement programme featuring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques - are both developed by digital therapeutics company Big Health. Fifteen NHS trusts and six GP practices have already rolled out access to the programmes to over 100,000 staff, with the apps now made freely available to all NHS employees across the country in partnership with NHS England.

Please visit the NHS Employers website for instructions on how to access the programmes.

Unmind are giving all NHS Staff free access to their workplace well-being platform. Sign up here

Headspace have created some Headspace for Work resources and tools available for free to organisations. You can find all this information here.

The Headspace app is now also free for all NHS staff. For details please click here

"Down Dog" have made all of their apps free to healthcare workers until 1st July. For further details and sign up, please click here

Calm - a mindfulness, meditation and sleep app are also offering a free trial for Healthcare workers and details can be found here

The Mental Health Foundation

Tips from the Mental Health Foundation can be found here

Lancet Psychiatry

To read the Lancet Psychiatry article on Mental Health care for Staff (published Feb 2020) please click here

Pregnancy Self - Care

Pregnant trainees may find the guidance and FAQs from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of use and this can be found here


Other Miscellaneous resources can be found in this document

Lockdown Lectures

NHS Professionals and Doctors Direct have organised weekly lectures to support doctors during the pandemic response.

Please click here for details of each lecture



Slowe Yoga / Breathe
PSW Regular Updates
Last updated 09/04/2020



The PSW are working with PSI to offer resilience testing to 150 doctors free of charge.

If you would like to complete the questionnaire and be sent a detailed report with areas for improvement and strategies for action, please email


The PSW recognises that the coming months are likely to be exceptionally challenging for all medical staff. We have therefore extended our services to include Consultants, LEDs and SAS doctors as well as trainees. If you wish to access psychological or other support for any reason, you can refer yourself through our dedicated generic inbox


As we are aware that exam sittings are cancelled, we have taken the decision to pause any onward referrals for 1:1 Skype based exam support.

We are still able to accept self - referrals from trainees and provide other avenues of exam support at this stage however, trainees may wish to delay sending the referral until the next exam sitting date is known. 


Separate letters have been sent to all GP and Foundation trainees today in relation to your rotations and copies can be found below.

Please read the information carefully before contact the PSW COVID-19 Mailbox regarding rotations. 

Foundation Letter

GP Letter


Email Sent to all trainees in the East of England


Dear trainee,


With the current circumstances in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19, we appreciate that this may be a difficult time for all.


We have updated our website with current information and FAQs along with sources of advice and support for you.  

The information can be found here


In addition, the PSW will be offering a self – referral process for the foreseeable future.


If you wish to speak to somebody to support you regarding the impact COVID-19 is having on you and your training, please email

We will aim to get back to you within 24 working hours with suitable advice and guidance along with access to external support where appropriate.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in such difficult circumstances.


Kind regards



Due to the escalation of the outbreak of COVID 19, the PSW are keen to amend their service provision to support trainees during this difficult and uncertain time. 

Over the next few days, we will be working with our senior management team, clinical case managers and external service providers to ensure we are able to continue to provide a fast and effective service. 

We will continue to provide regular updates as we make changes to various aspects of the service including referral routes and the services we can offer. 



National Support FAQs can be found here

SuppoRTT Webinars

Details of upcoming SuppoRTT webinars can be found here 

Details of past SuppoRTT webinars can be found here

To view further information on SuppoRTT please click here.

Charitable Support
Details of charities available to doctors

If you require support but do not wish to contact the Professional Support and Well-being Service at this stage, please find a list of services that can provide charitable support to doctors and dentists here.

How to refer

If you wish to access support, the PSW are currently accepting self referrals from all doctors including Trainees, Consultants, Qualified GPs, Non training grades, LEDs and SAS doctors. 

A copy of the self referral form can be found here.

Please note: Once you have clicked on the link for the referral form, in order to complete this, you MUST save a blank version to your desktop.

Once saved on the desktop, right click on the file and select "open with" > "Adobe". Please view the below video on how to do this. 

If you have any problems, please email 'FAO Becca Winchester' on



HEE EoE Useful Contacts

Professional Support and Well-being Service

Assessment and Revalidation


Programme Management

Post and programme queries (except Foundation)

Foundation Post and programme queries

Interdeanery Transfers

Less Than Full Time Training

Out of Programme (OOPC, OOPR, OOPE, OOPT)
Relocation and Travel Claim Expenses
GMC Approval (Non GP Site and Programme Approvals)
Academic training queries


Faculty Support

General faculty support enquiries (all specialties)

Study leave / curriculum delivery enquiries

Supported return to training (SuppoRTT)

SAS Doctors enquiries

Community Schools (GP) enquiries 

Coaching & mentoring enquiries (trainees & trainers) 

Bursary programme enquiries 

Trust based Support Services

Most Trusts across the East of England are also offering well-being support services to staff. Further details can be found below.

Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT)

EPUT are offering a psychological support service that  for people working in health and social care in Essex, who need support with managing stress and emotional difficulties in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service is available seven days per week between 08:00 and 20:00 and can be accessed by phone on 01375 898837 or email to

Anyone contacting the service will be asked about their concerns and receive appropriate support which may include online resources or a phone or video call with a psychological therapist or qualified psychologist.

This service is offered in addition to any existing employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and local IAPT services, and is intended to provide immediate, confidential help for health and social care workers who are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further information about the service:

  • We are offering a range of support – from low intensity input (general support, mood management, worry and stress management, burnout prevention, self-care, caring for others, problem solving, or even just a chat about how to support family or friends) to high intensity input (intervention for disruptive stress, distress, depression, severe anxiety, health anxiety, post-trauma debriefing and support, bereavement support, complicated bereavement); via one-to-one phone or video appointments.
  • This service is user-led, needs-based and entirely confidential.
  • EPUT will not hold the interventions on electronic records unless there is a reason to admit to our care
  • Individuals accessing the service by email will need to provide their contact mobile number, a brief explanation of their need (e.g. “I want to talk about my distress at losing a patient who was a colleague”), and indicate times that are convenient for them to be contacted. One of the team will then contact them to set up an appointment

A video about the service can be found here:

Cambridge University Hopsitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH)

Details on the support provided to CUH staff can be found here.

The website also signposts to some valuable free resources however a more extensive list can be found under Self - Care and Well-being resources on this webpage. 

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (JPUH)

The James Paget are offering a Wellbeing champions telephone support service. The Service is supported by clinicians working from home due to shielding.

This is open to staff who feel anxious, upset etc after completing their shift.​

For further details please view the JPUH Intranet or contact Medical Staffing. 

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust (MSE)

MSE have lots of resources available for staff working  across the MSE group (Southend, Basildon and Mid Essex) including a daily update form the chief medical officer.

  • A Wellbeing team who promote HealthyMe. Staff can access all details regarding OH and wellbeing from our internal staffnets.  a copy of the newsletter can be found here
  • Numerous ‘pop up’ initiatives are also being introduced such as  offers on food, access to key items etc.
  • Staff can also access the psychological support service offered by EPUT (further details at the top of this list
  • Mid Essex Hospital are providing support via their Wellbeing Centres and Hub and details are advertised daily. 

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