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Referral Documents

Please note that the PSU has revised it's policy and corresponding referral framework - now allowing self-referrals from trainees that have experienced continual exam failure (usually 2 or more attempts) where this is their only training progression concern.

Should you wish to submit a self-referral please ensure this is done at least 3 months prior to the next exam attempt in order to ensure adequate support can be provided. 

To make a referral to the Professional Support Unit (PSU) please download and complete the relevant referral forms and email them to with a brief explanation for the referral. PLEASE NOTE THE PSU INBOX IS CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS.  IF YOU RECEIVE AN 'UNDELIVERABLE' EMAIL REPLY, PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAIL AGAIN TO

(Ideally these forms should be completed by either the Training Programme Director or the trainee's Clinical/Educational supervisor)

Please note that the trainee you wish to refer needs to have sight of these forms before they are submitted. Moreover the trainee must be made aware that the PSU will be in contact with them, in the near future, in order to organise a meeting to discuss their training progress or other referral as necessary.

When making a referral to the PSU we would ask that you read and familiarise yourself with our Professional Support for Doctors in Training Guidance which governs our practices and processes.