Careers Support


Choosing the right specialty training is a critical decision that all junior doctors face each year. Good career decisions can be best achieved by following a structured approach.

The National Medical Careers Website is a valuable resource to help you with this and we would encourage you to explore it. The site includes a UK calendar of medical careers events.

Depending on your query advice is also available at local level. There is a career lead within each Trust and the list can be found here.

In addition, your Educational Supervisor will also be able to help and it is very important to review your career plans with them during supervision meetings .

Careers information about individual specialties can be obtained from the pages on this site and from the Trust's specialty College Tutor. Should you require additional support or guidance in an area that lies outside the above please contact  PLEASE NOTE THE PSU INBOX IS CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS.  IF YOU RECEIVE AN 'UNDELIVERABLE' EMAIL REPLY, PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAIL AGAIN TO

Click here to visit the Careers Support Resource page for resources including the Careers Support Form.