Exam Support

Trainees mostly access exam support through the PSU self-referral form. If it has been mentioned by an Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director in an ARCP then the key message is not to wait, send a referral to the PSU and support can be put in place in a timely manner.

PSU 1:1 Exam Support

We would need to have received a PSU referral in order for the trainee to be able to access this support.

We have an experienced Exam Support coach that can support the trainee up until the point of the exam.

The session is held as 1:1 Skype sessions.

Trainees are eligible where there has been 2 or more attempts on the same exam. However, where trainees do demonstrate a trend of unsuccessful attempts on more than one exam, consideration may be given. 

We would expect to receive the referral up to 10 weeks before the exam if possible in order for the trainee to be able to utilise the support effectively.

If a trainee is referred, they will be receive 8 sessions with our provider. 

Contact the PSU if you have any further questions, details are in the blue box on the page.

PSU Exam Workshops

We would expect to have received a PSU referral in order to eligible for these workshops. These are run 4 times a year.

You can find the latest schedule below with more dates due to be added:

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