Professional Support for Doctors and Dentists in Training



The Professional Support Unit (PSU) aims to support all doctors and dentists in training whose performance may have been affected by circumstances that have arisen preventing progression throughout the training process, whether these circumstances are personal, training or work related.

The PSU provides a consistent, single point of access to expert advice, guidance and information to all parties involved in the management of medical and dental trainees.

A referral to the PSU is a non-punitive measure and remains confidential whilst enabling trainees within the East of England to access fully funded support including from external providers specialising in working with doctors.

Circumstances warranting a referral to the PSU vary widely, but primarily fall into one or more of the following categories:

Clinical Performance, Knowledge and Skills
Clinical mistakes, critical incidents, lack of clinical knowledge, skills and confidence.
Health and Social
Acute or Chronic illness, frequent absence, caring responsibilities, requires reasonable adjustments
Professional Behaviour and Attitude
Defensive reactions to feedback, erratic or volatile behaviour, attitude problems, anger, lack of insight, unaware of limitations, difficulty dealing with conflict, lack of confidence, poor reliability.
Communication, Team working and Time management
Poor written and/or verbal communication, patient complaints, CSA failure, inability to work with the wider team, unreliable, unable to meet deadlines, not completing exception reports.
Significant Life Event
Dealing with stress and anxiety, breakdown of relationship in work or personal context, divorce, bereavement.
Environmental Issues
Inappropriate workload, poor culture, training environment, lack of support
Lack of engagement with Education and Training
Adverse Outcome at ARCP, lack of reflective practice, minimal evidence on portfolio
Exam Failure

Repeated exam failure, exam anxiety

Conduct, capability, Probity

Patient, public or individual safety concerns, referral to GMC/GDC, Trust investigation, Police cautions or convictions

Monday, 3 December, 2018
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Monday, 3 December, 2018