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National Support Services

As well as the support services offered directly through the PSW, there are a wealth of national services which can offer support in a range of situations.

These include:

Addiction Charities
Charities for Carers
Crime and Violence
Crime and Violence charities
Disability / Neurodiversity
Charitable Support for Disabilities



Eating Disorders
Eating Disorder Charities
Emotional Distress & Mental Health
Charitable Support for Emotional Distress and Mental Health
Charitable Financial Support

For doctors in Norfolk Only:

           (Please note that there is a subscription fee)

General Charitable Support


International Doctors
Charitable Support for International Doctors
Charitable Legal Support
Relationships & Safeguarding
Charitable Support for Relationships and Family matters


  • National Family Mediation - Turn arguments into agreements. Call the helpline on: 0300 4000 636
  • Relate - You're not alone. Relate has blogs, resources, books, and self-help tools for just about every relationship problem out there.
  • Refuge - 24 hour domestic abuse hotline 0808 2000 247 and information resource.
  • The Change Project  - Free relationship counselling sessions and domestic abuse prevention.
  • Karma Nirvana - Working to end honour abuse in the UK.
  • Women's Aid - Come together to stop domestic abuse. 
  • Mankind - Male Victims of Domestic Abuse – Please call 01823 334244 to speak confidentially.

In Essex, there is some regionally based support:

Employment and Workplace Support / Trade Union
British Medical Association (BMA)
British Medical Association (BMA)

Catelogue of wellbeing support services for doctors and medical students divided into UK regions. Find the PDF HERE

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