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The ESR or educational supervisors review is generated after a meeting with your educational supervisor (ES)

ESRs are generated every six months and in most cases must be submitted by 30th November and 31st May for each year in training. 
The ESR is, in effect, an appraisal of your evidence on your eportfolio for the sixth month period. You are strongly advised to generate your evidence over the six month period and not at the end. If it is your final ESR your evidence must be complete by 31st May and this includes OOHs.
For each ESR you will need to have a minimum of
Prior to your meeting with your ES you will also need to complete the self rating scale in your eportfolio. You are required to reference your ratings for the RCGPs professional competences to the evidence found in your eportfolio.
The page below from the RCGP website offers further information.
Please contact your ES in good time to arrange the meeting. 
The 'closing' dates for submitting your evidence and completing your self ratings are:
 ST1                9th   November (1st ESR)                                     10th May (2nd ESR)
 ST2               16th  November (1st ESR)                                     17th May (2nd ESR)
 ST3               23rd  November (1st ESR)                                     24th May (final ESR)