Workforce, training and education
East of England


  • Isabel Hospice, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Welwyn Garden City


  • Dr Pia Amsler
  • Dr Kathy Myers (based mainly at QE II) 
  • Dr Dee Traue


  • Organiser — Dr Debbie Quinn (associate specialist)
  • Weekend on call, no night on call


  • Most of the time is spent on the ward with one morning a week in the day hospice but you should also organise a few sessions with the community nurse specialist, they are particularly helpful when undertaking domicillary visits.
  • There is also a hospital liaison team led by Dr Kathy Myers who are happy for you to join them when possible. 


  • Opportunity to do paracentesis and thoracocentesis.
  • Learn how to set up a syringe driver — very important skill to have when a GP and you will also become comfortable using opiates. 


  • Make use of supervision sessions early.  May not seem helpful initially but it does provide an opening to release some of the emotions involved in the post.
  • Cremation fees go towards study leave fund; there is the opportunity to use this money for an appropriate course. 
  • DO NOT BOOK ANNUAL LEAVE in the first 2 weeks of the post as this time is used for specialist induction. Leave requests are likely to be refused.
  • This post is usually available in ST2