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CSA -The Clinical Skills Assessment.

This is the simulated surgery that is taken in ST3. Only 4 attempts are permitted.

You need to be comfortable consulting at 10 minutes before attempting this assessment. Your trainer will tell you when you are ready.

Try not to think too much in terms of the RCGP comptences when consulting; this often makes the consultation appear mechanical and without empathy. Just try and manage the patient infront of you, like you would every day, and deal with the 'nub' of each case.

Seeing patients is the best way to prepare for the CSA. You will get good feedback with your trainer 'sitting in' and will gain insight also by looking at your own videos of the consulation. Role play in small groups, ideally no greater than 6, will also help.

There are a number of courses available that may be useful in giving you feedback but seeing your own patients is by far the best way of preparing for the CSA. Remember that this is a test of managing the patient, not just a test of consultation skills.