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Your Learning Log

Some useful tips:

Quality is better than quantity. Please look at 'being a reflective GP' document from the EOE website (attached below) for further information.

You should aim to add a minimum of 2-3 reflective log entries per week and the the majority should be concerned with clinical encounters. This is very important as the GMC use your log entries as 'evidence of learning in post' in order to validate your training.

In your log entries focus on what you have learnt and what you need to learn. Aim to cover different professional competences where possible so that they can be validated by your clinical and educational supervisor, as well as covering the various curriculum statement headings.

Try and get a varied mix of entries. Include clinical encounters, professional conversations and SEAs.

For SEAs, it is better to include SEAs that you have personally been involved in, not just meetings you have attended.

Recording tutorials or certificates of attending courses do not demonstrate learning. Its all about demonstrating what you have learnt. So reflect on them.

Record your OOH as a log entry. In the 'event' part of the log entry, record how many hours you did and attach/upload the 'OOH log' (attached below).

In ST2 GP innovative posts use and upload the 'innovate log' for each session attended outside the practice (attached below).

You will need to record at least one audit in your three years of GP training. This should be a complete audit involving 2 audit cycles.