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The ST1/ST2 years currently comprise six four month posts based at the Lister, Mount Vernon and QE2 (Welwyn Garden City) hospitals and of course in General Practice.  The adjacent specialty list contains useful information concerning each post. Please be aware that the details of posts change from time to time

It is important that you have evidence of learning in your eportfolio for each post. As well as the minimum WPBAs, you should aim for 2-3  reflective log entries per week.

Don't forget out of hours (OOH) sessions when in GP. COGPED state that a minimum of 6 hours for full time doctors is required per month. Therefore in ST1 GP you should have completed 24 hours as OOH. Use the form below and save it to your eportfolio. For important or significant learning events it is best to record this as a separate log entry where you will have a better opportunity to demonstrate what you have learnt or need to learn.

In ST2, the GP innovative post has been developed for trainees to spend 40% of their time based in hospital/community led clinics so they can advance their knowledge and skills in specialties that have not been included in their hospital posts.  We have included some suggestions that previous registrars have found useful. Please liaise with your allocated practice in ST2 for surgery times prior to organising your hospital/community clinics.

For probity reasons its important to keep a record of your sessions outside the practice for the innovative post. Please download the form and attach to your eportfolio.

Useful downloadable forms

  1. ST2 innovative log. To record your sessions outside the practice for your eportfolio
  2. Absence from teaching form. For the rare occasions when the hospital post cannot release you for half day teaching. 
  3. Advice on how to apply for addition to the performer's list for ST1s
  4. GP out of hours log. To record your out of hours sessions to the eportfolio