Workforce, training and education
East of England


  • Lister Hospital, Stevenage 


  • Mr Toma
  • Mr Coker
  • Mr Campbell
  • Mr Soni


  • Organiser — Dr Bharucha (associate specialist)
  • No night duties


  • Clinics are allocated for you but if you have a special interest e.g. paediatric ophthalmology or vitreo-retinal clinic it may be possible to attend if arranged in advance


  • You will be taught to use the slit lamp but try to use the ophthalmoscope at every opportunity as this is what you will be using in primary care.
  • Learn how to use a tonopen as again this can be used in primary care instead of the slit lamp.


  • Try to sit in Casualty for at least 2 weeks supervised with the last few sessions running the clinics yourself, with the supervisor just as back up.
  • Don't be hurried if you are overwhelmed ask for help
  • It is important to admit in the beginning if you cannot do/see anything.
  • This post is usually available in ST2