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The ST3 or GP registrar year is the long-awaited final year of GP training for us trainees! It is a busy year, in which to complete the nMRCGP and the work-place based assessments, as well as learn as much as possible in order to be able to function as an independent practitioner by the end of the 12 months. The year has a very different feel to being in hospital medicine, as would be expected, but should be an exciting time to try and really learn the skills of: communication in the GP consultation; addressing patient's agendas and learning how to reconcile their expectations with your responsibility as a doctor and the health needs that are appropriate for that individual. Each registrar is allocated a GP trainer who is based at the practice. Your trainer is your clinical supervisor (CS). You may have a number of additional clinical supervisors at any one time in your practice attachment. Your educational supervisor (ES) may be your trainer or another trainer located at a different practice.

 A note on OOH. COGPED state that a minimum of 6 hours for full time doctors is required per month. Therefore in ST3 GP you should have completed 72 hours as OOH. This does not include the OOHs required for ST1 and 2. Please record each session in your eportfolio and attach the log that you can download from this page.

If all goes to plan, having passed your AKT and CSA, your final ESR will take place 2 months before your finish date (usually by 31st May). By this time you should have all your WPBA assessments, OOH etc. finished. So its important to be organised, start the OOH early at the beginning of ST3 and do not leave it to the last minute. This will only cause stress for you and annoy your educational supervisor. During this 2 month period at the end of your training, the GMC will vet the evidence on your portfolio before approving your application. You must have a log entry concerning an audit (full cycle), a valid CPR certificate (yearly) and valid level 3 child safeguarding certificate (3 yearly).


OOH downloadable form