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Trauma Simulation


We run an annual Trauma Simulation Day to help trainees develop critical skill sets in managing ocular and periocular trauma. We base this at Ipswich Hospital and a typical agenda is listed below. Further details of this year's course can be found on our Additional Teaching Days page.


Typical Agenda : Trauma Simulation Training Day            

Organised by Deepak Vayalambrone,      Consultant      Ipswich Hospital

​Faculty            Ramy Bassily                      Consultant     Ipswich Hospital

                        Rachna Murthy                   Consultant     Ipswich Hospital

                        Inderraj Hanspal                 Consultant     West Suffolk Hospital

                       Richard Goble                     Consultant      Ipswich Hospital


Morning session- talks and videos

Management of corneal trauma

Ramy Bassily

30 min

Management of globe rupture

Deepak Vayalambrone

30 min

Vitreous haemorrhage, IOFB, retinal dialysis

Richard Goble

30 min




Medicolegal aspects of trauma


30 min

Investigating ocular trauma


30 min

Lid and orbital trauma

Rachna Murthy

30 min




Enucleation/ evisceration


30 min

Trauma and IOP

? Inderraj Hanspal

30 min

Miscellaneous topics

Traumatic endophthalmitis

Blowout fractures


30 min



Afternoon session – practical skills


Corneal glue/ suturing- All trainers- Ramy Bassily to lead.


Lid trauma including canalicular repair- All trainers- Rachna Murthy to lead.


Simulated case scenarios for decision making- panel discussion

Sunday, 25 November, 2018
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Sunday, 25 November, 2018