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Welcome to the East of England Ophthalmic Practitioner Training Programme!

In the East of England deanery, we are kick-starting the Ophthalmic Practitioner Training (OPT) programme!

Ophthalmic Practitioner Training (OPT) is a training programme for hospital-based ophthalmic nurses, optometrists and orthoptists who wish to develop skills in one or more of four sub-specialty areas: 

Medical Retina,  GlaucomaCataract and Emergency Ophthalmology.

The programme, a collaboration between the Royal College of Ophthalmologists,  Royal College of NursingCollege of Optometrists and British and Irish Orthoptic Society, offers a standardised and supportive platform for these Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) to learn new clinical skills for the benefit of their patients. 


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Why should I get involved?

Ophthalmology as a specialty is facing significant workforce pressures and AHPs taking on extended clinical roles is seen as an essential part of a wider strategy to improve our capacity to provide eye care and meet our patients’ needs. The qualifications acquired through OPT are recognised nationally and allow those AHPs already engaged in extended roles to have their skills recognised formally too. 


How do I get started?

If you are considering signing up for the OPT program, please contact your Unit OPT Lead or departmental Clinical Lead to express your interest.

If your department is able to support your OPT enrolment, your Educational Supervisor and the Regional OPT Lead in the relevant specialty will sign the enrolment form to get you a formal training number from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists as well as your portfolio.

Even if your department is unable to support your application for OPT, please remember that you are warmly invited to attend the regional study days. 



The East of England OPT Team

Head of School:  Narman Puvanachandra


Training Programme Directors:

Mr Nuwan Niyadurupola (Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital) Regional OPT Lead, Glaucoma

Ms Silvana Madi (Princess Alexandra Hospital)  Regional OPT Lead, Emergency Ophthalmology

Mr Raja Muhammad (James Paget University Hospital) Regional OPT Lead, Medical Retina

Mr Tom Butler (James Paget University Hospital) Regional OPT Lead, Cataract


Advanced Clinical Practice Leadership Fellows (2020-2021): 

Mr Carl Svasti-Salee  (ST7, Peterborough City Hospital)

Ms Tejal Patel (ST7, Addenbrooke’s Hospital)

Dr Robert Brady (ST3, Ipswich Hospital)

Mr Chrishan Gunasekera  (ST7, Southend University Hospital)

Friday, 4 December, 2020
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Friday, 4 December, 2020