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Ms Louise Allen is an associate lecturer at the University of Cambridge. In conjunction with Dr Adar Pelah, a lecturer in electronic engineering at the Universities of Cambridge and York she has developed and patented a novel methods for performing visual field examination in young children using the preferential looking technique. She is the principle investigator for a multi-centre trial in telemedicine for retinopathy of prematurity, designed to reduce the future need for transfer of premature neonates between hospitals. Miss Allen is the ophthalmic lead for a study investigating the effect of enzyme replacement therapy on the ocular features of Fabry disease.

Ms Louise Allen 
Squint Correction Operation 

Mr Tony Vivian is a paediatric ophthalmologist and adult squint surgeon whose research projects include clinical research into novel treatments for amblyopia (lazy eye), the investigation of eye growth in infants using MRI and the genetics and MRI features of cranial nerve developmental abnormalities.

The iBIT treatment for amblyopia: this project, in association with the University of Nottingham, is looking at a novel treatment for amblyopia using virtual reality 3D gaming technology instead of patching in children.

MRI and eye growth in infants: This project is looking at the growth of infant eyes using MRI scanning and analysis software (in association with Microsoft Research, Cambridge) to determine the pattern of eye growth in infants.

Genetic and MRI features of congenital IVth nerve paresis: This project looking at patients with abnormal development of of the fourth cranial nerve involves a search for underlying genetic mechanisms and detailed MRI scans of the brain, nerve and superior oblique muscle to determine the underlying structural changes.

Tony Vivian