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Refraction Certificate

Exam Resources

RCOphth guidance

Read the "Instructions for Candidates" document found on the bottom of the page carefully- this should be your main resource during revision!

Past candidates' recommendations - look at the 2nd last page of the Refraction Certificate Examination reports




Web resources

Retinoscopy simulator - good for appreciating the principles before practicing on patients.

Free refraction videos from eLearning for Health- requires free login

Collaborate with other local trainees taking this exam


Here is some advice from a trainee who passed !

"I didn't go on a course, and passed first time, so thought I could pass on some words of wisdom which could go on the EOE website for other trainees?
I did use the e-learning for health pages on refraction as suggested on the EOE website (see above), this was a very good starting point with no background knowledge whatsoever.

Masterpass book (see above) was good to look up any outstanding questions I had after going through elfh pages 

RCOphth mark sheets: Use these when practicing. Practice each station and set a timer (5min or 10 min depending on station) and ensure you can write your answers down within the time frame
RCOphth instructions for candidates with "model answers". This is available on the college website but easy to miss if you don't go looking for it or stumble across it.
Eyedocs pages- free to access without a login:
If you do create a login, you can access the forum for exam tips posted by other users, which was good for exam practice tips:
Tim Root's Loose lens retinoscopy video, here's a link to the full video
My final tip would be to find a more senior friend who has done it recently and would kindly send you a copy of their marksheets sent to them by the college. This shows exactly what the examiner is looking for in each station and helps to refine technique during practice."
Revision Courses

Anglia Ruskin run a 3 day course for regional registrars - for further details see our Additional Days in the Regional Teaching Program

Contact is Rupal Lovell-Patel


There are also External courses available advertised

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