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Organiser : Narman Puvanachandra (Training Program Director and Associate Dean)

We run monthly CORE teaching days that all trainees attend across the region. They are split between Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) and Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge (ADD)

The basic format is typically interactive talks in the morning and then OSCE based stations in the afternoon to hone clinical examination skills in small groups.

TOP Regional Training Program 2018, & 2019 GMC Survey : 1st out of 17 regions in the UK 


Paediatric Ophthalmology Jan 23rd 2020 ADD

Organised by Louise Allen / John Somner

Paediatric Ophthalmology Teaching Day

Venue: Clifford Albutt Lecture Theatre, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

23rd January 2020 Paediatric Ophthalmology Teaching Day


Morning venue: Clifford Albutt Lecture Hall, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

 9:30 – 10:00 - The ophthalmologist’s role in non-accidental injury - Louise Allen

10:00 – 11:00 -   A presentation of joint paediatric uveitis and rheumatology patients - Mustafiz Rahman and Dr Peter Bale, Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist

11:00 - 11.30 - Coffee / Tea break

11.30 - 12.30 - The baby that can’t see - Louise Allen

12:30 - 13.30 - Lunch


1330 – 1400 Paediatric Ophthalmology update – Seminar Room 2 Clinical School

14:00 – 15:00 Paediatric ophthalmology round robin in clinic 3 – Round One

Paediatric ophthalmology all-stars – Brinda, Debbie, Nabil, Julie, Jamie, John

  • Dynamic retinoscopy and Ratty child tricks
  • Amblyopia treatment - Patching – atropine – others – PEDIG and practicalities
  • Quick Orthoptics - Assessing vision, binocularity + stereoscopic vision 
  • Strabismus surgery principles – What would Tony do? 

15:00 – 16:00

Paediatric ophthalmology round robin in clinic 3 – Round Two 

Paediatric ophthalmology all-stars – Louise, Sarah, Iveta, John 

  • Refraction in children – Top tips 
  • Genetic testing in children -how to approach it 
  • Focimetry and glasses prescription tips    
  • Fundus photography in children – Retcam / video indirect / smartphone – ROP and NAI 

16:00 – 16:30– Paediatric Ophthalmology Quiz and wrap up – Seminar Room 2 Clinical School


Anterior Segment Feb 7th 2020 NNUH

Orgnaised by David Spokes







Chris Illingworth

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Tom Butler

James Paget University Hospital & Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Mohammed Seif

Southend University Hospital

David Spokes

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Anas Injarie

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Chrishan Gunasekera

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital














09:00 – 09:15            Registration

09:15 - 10:00             Chris Illingworth: “Less Common but Important Corneal Conditions”

10:00 - 10:45             Tom Butler “Corneal Topography”

10:45 - 11:00              Coffee Break

11:00 - 11:40              Mohammed Seif “Overview of refractive surgery”


11:40-12:20               David Spokes: “Corneal ectasias”

12:20 -13:20              Lunch   Sponsored by: VisuFarma



13:30-16:00                Anterior Segment OSCE stations                                                                      

Station 1. David Spokes

Station 2. Mohammed Seif

Station 3. Tom Butler

Station 4. Chris Illingworth

Station 5. Anas Injarie

Station 6. Chrishan Gunasekera 


Vitreo-retinal Mar 24th 2020 ADD

Organised by Phillip Alexander

Oculomotility Apr 17th 2020 NNUH

Led by Narman Puvanachandra


Neuro-ophthalmology May 27th 2020 ADD

Organised by Brinda Muthusamy 

John Cairns Research Day Jun 25th 2020 ADD

Organised by Tony Vivian

Oculoplastics Jul 3rd 2020 NNUH

Organised by Bijan Beigi


Glaucoma Sep 25th 2020 NNUH

Organised by Nuwan Niyapdurupola - Glaucoma Consultant at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

We are running a joint study day to include all postgraduate ophthalmology trainees and allied health care professionals with interest in glaucoma

All allied health care professionals with an interest in glaucoma are welcome to register for this meeting

There is also a zoom link for the meeting that will be sent to all postgraduate trainees directly by Narman and also will be available to AHPs as they register above

Format will be morning of talks on Assessment of Glaucoma and the afternoon will be breakout rooms with OSCE style cases


Glaucoma Regional Study Day

‘Glaucoma Assessment’

Friday 25thSeptember




Mr Nuwan Niyadurupola                    Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Mr Tom Eke                                        Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Mr Narman Puvanachandra               Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Mr Avi Prabhu                                     James Paget University Hospital

Dr Shadi Axmann                               Vision Rive Droite, Geneva

Mr Raj Hanspal                                   West Suffolk Hospital

Mr Hussam Muntasser                       Liverpool

Mr Ian Tapply                                     Glaucoma Fellow, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Mr Carl Svasti-Salee                           Specialty Registrar

Mr Chrishan Gunasekera                    Specialty Registrar




09.20   Introduction                                               Mr Nuwan Niyadurupola

09.30   Methods of IOP measurement                  Mr Ian Tapply

10.00   Gonioscopy                                               Mr Nuwan Niyadurupola

10.30   Assessment of visual fields                       Mr Tom Eke

11.00   Coffee break

11.30   Assessment of optic discs                         Mr Avi Prabhu

12.00   OCT assessment in glaucoma                  Dr Shadi Axmann

12.30   Lunch

13.30   Break out rooms (small group exercises) till 3:30pm


Emergency Ophthalmology Oct 20th 2020 ADD

Organised Addenbrookes Hospital

Registration and Agenda to follow

Allied Health professionals with an interest in Emergency Ophthalmology are welcome to join all day


Medical Retina Nov 20th 2020 NNUH

Norwich Medical Retina Study Day

20th November 2020




Miss Aseema Misra                                                      Consultant Ophthalmologist, NNUH

Mr Andy Glenn                                                             Consultant Ophthalmologist, NNUH

Prof Ben Burton                                                           Consultant Ophthalmologist, JPUH

Mr Muhammad Raja                                                     Consultant Ophthalmologist, JPUH

Mr David Spokes                                                          Consultant Ophthalmologist, NNUH

Mr Liam Sullivan                                                           Consultant Ophthalmologist, CUH

Mr Evangelos Minos                                                     Consultant Ophthalmologist, PCH

Mrs Anna Few                                                              Staff Grade, NNUH

Dr Sonja Smith                                                             ST7 NNUH



Bob Champion Research and Education Building (BCRE) and Zoom 

08.50-09.00     Welcome and Introductions                                       Miss Aseema Misra

09.00-09.45     OCTAngiography (OCTA) for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist.

                                                                                                             Mr Muhammad Raja

09.45-10.30       Managing Ocular Inflammation in Eye Casualty     Dr Sonja Smith

10.30-11.00     Coffee Break

11.00-11.45     Age Related Macular Degeneration                          Prof Ben Burton

11.45-12.15     Discussion / Q&A                                              


12.15-13.30     Lunch                                          


13.00               Welcome and Introductions                                       Mr Andy Glenn

13.00-15.00     OSCE stations on Zoom                                             


Marie Comer Case Prize Dec 16th 2020 ADD

Organised by Brinda Muthusamy 

Narman Puvanachandra - Training Program Director
Narman Puvanachandra
Training Program Director & Associate Postgraduate Dean
Saturday, 24 November, 2018
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