Organiser : Narman Puvanachandra (Training Program Director and Associate Dean)

We run monthly CORE teaching days that all trainees attend across the region. They are split between Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) and Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge (ADD)

The basic format is typically interactive talks in the morning and then OSCE based stations in the afternoon to hone clinical examination skills in small groups.

TOP Regional Training Program 2018 GMC Survey : 1st (88.3%) out of 17 regions in the whole UK (rest of UK : 61.55 - 80.17% range)


Marie Comer Dec 12th 2018 ADD

Please send cases to Brinda Muthusamy 

Paediatric Ophthalmology Jan 17th 2019 ADD

Organised by Louise Allen & John Somner

Anterior Segment Feb 15th 2019 NNUH

Orgnaised by David Spokes

Vitreo-retinal Mar 25th 2019 ADD

Organised by Phillip Alexander

Oculomotility Apr 26th 2019 NNUH

Led by Narman Puvanachandra

Neuro-ophthalmology May 22nd 2019 ADD

Organised by Brinda Muthusamy 

John Cairns Research Day Jun 20th 2019 ADD

Organised by Tony Vivian

Oculoplastics Jul 5th 2019 NNUH

Organised by Bijan Beigi

Glaucoma Sep 13th 2019 NNUH

Organised by Nuwan Niyapdurupola

Medical Ophthalmology Oct 16th 2019 ADD

Organised by Erika Damato

Medical Retina 22nd Nov 2019 NNUH

Organised by Aseema Misra

Marie Comer Case Prize Dec 13th 2019 ADD

Organised by Brinda Muthusamy 

Narman Puvanachandra - Training Program Director
Narman Puvanachandra
Training Program Director & Associate Postgraduate Dean
Saturday, 24 November, 2018
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Saturday, 24 November, 2018 to Monday, 31 December, 2018