East of England 

East of England is an area of contrasts. You will find here cities, market towns and rural communities. Our training practices are to be found in all these areas, and in themselves are of very differing size and style.

In the East of England we believe strongly that individual people are important, and we try to ensure that your development is the driving force for your Dental Foundation Training year. Please use the links below to gain more information and to see that each Dental Foundation Training Scheme provides an experience of high quality, combining excellent education with friendship and support.

The landscape of East of England is varied. We have miles of coastline, from the Wash to the Thames. We have history, in our cities of Cambridge and Norwich, and in our many large towns which have played an important part in the growth of our nation. There is a wide spread of countryside, with woods and hills in the south and west, and open arable areas and fens towards the north and east. We are well placed for transport with good road and rail access and two international airports. 


Our seven Dental Foundation Training Schemes are spread across the area and each of them of a very high standard. Our training practices are carefully selected and many of the Trainers have several years experience. Most Trainers hold a Postgraduate Certificate of Dental Education as testimony to their educational skills.

Please use the links below to look at the pages devoted to the Schemes to gain more information.


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