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Dental Therapist Foundation Training - Introduction

The HEE M&E Foundation Training Programme is designed for newly qualified Dental Therapists to experience NHS Primary Dental Care.

The programme is funded by HEE M&E who will also provide a training grant to the Educational Supervisor. Dental Therapists will be employed by the practice/Educational Supervisor a minimum of 21 hours per week, working alongside the Educational Supervisor.

There will be a monthly Study Day Programme running from the 1st September to the 31st August each year.

The Educational Supervisor will receive a Training Grant of £3,000 per annum.

As the title suggests, the principal duty of the Educational Supervisor is to teach, both within the formal context of the one to one tutorial and in the broader framework of teaching by example.

The Educational Supervisor is in the best position to assess the trainee’s needs. Through the various processes of assessments and tutorials these needs can be identified, discussed and hopefully satisfied. The best Educational Supervisors will not apply the ‘Do as I do’ philosophy, but encourage their trainees to develop their own personal skills and attitudes. This is an active process which requires the Educational Supervisor to develop their own personal skills and attitudes and to possess certain qualifications.

i. A willingness to teach

II. An ability to communicate successfully

III. A self – awareness

IV. A perception of the feelings of others

In order that the Educational Supervisor can fulfill these onerous roles, he or she must possess the quality of enthusiasm.

Successful completion of Foundation Training will be based on Attendance of the Study Day Programme, Completion of the Portfolio, Audit, Key Skills, Case Presentation, Exit Interview and Educational Supervisor/Programme Director reports. A certificate will be issued by the Dean on successful completion of Foundation Training.


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