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All HEE Midlands and East Dental DWD courses are now accessed via the new Accent Course Manager System. All course details are available on the site, including aims and objectives and these can be booked and paid for online where applicable.
Accent is accessed by clicking on the button here.



Any member of the dental team can use the system. Initially you will need to register as a delegate before you can access any of the courses. Registration is straightforward and achieved by following the instructions on screen or by using the delegate guide that can be found on the right hand menu.

When you are registering you will need to select whether you are a clinician or not and then a delegate type. At the current time we have 4 delegate types already created (we are aware that they are not all accurate descriptions and are currently reviewing these) Clinician – Consultant Clinician – Dentist Non Clinician – GDC Registered Non Clinician – Non GDC Registered.

Online Evaluations and Certificates Following attendance at any of the Dental DWD Courses held within East of England delegates will be asked to provide feedback. This is completed online through the personal login details under ‘My Course Evaluations’. Receiving constructive evaluation for courses that have been attended in the region helps not only the speakers delivering the courses that they are providing good quality information but also provides NHSE WT&D with vital information regarding the courses as a whole. However, feedback must be given within the specific deadline for each course; this is normally 28 days but delegates should check for each course they attend. A Certificate of Attendance will not be issued if an evaluation is not received before the deadline expires. Once the online evaluation has been completed delegates can then access their Certificate of Attendance and download for keeping in their professional portfolio.

All courses that are currently available are live on the Accent Course Manager system and can be found using the search facility within the system.

Here are links to two documents that provide information about using Accent Course Manager system.



Cancellation and Refund Policy Delegates have the right to cancel their place on an event at any time. Once bookings are confirmed it is the delegate’s responsibility to notify the regional team of cancellation/non-attendance as soon as possible. In order to demonstrate good value for money, NHSE WT&D may need to charge a delegate if a cancellation is likely to have an impact on the overall cost of the event. Therefore, our advice to delegates is to provide as much notice as possible when cancelling a place on an event.

Delegates should be aware of the following:

If you give 42 days’ notice or more, Fee-paying delegates will receive a full refund or transfer. - Non fee-paying delegates will have no charge made or notification

If you give 0-41 days’ notice, Fee-paying delegates will receive NO refund or transfer*. - Non fee-paying delegates may be charged the ‘Cost per delegate’ and or your line manager/educator/trust may be notified*

*Exceptional circumstances In exceptional circumstances the event fee may be refunded/charges may be waived. Line managers/educators/trusts may still be notified of non-attendance.

Substitution of delegates Substitution of delegates is permitted only following consultation with the relevant NHSE WT&D local office.


Wednesday, 22 April, 2020
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