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For Foundation Dentists

This page is to give you direct links to areas that will be useful to you during your DFT year.

Dental e-Portfolio


This link takes you directly to the log-in page of the DFT e-Portfolio


DFT Curriculum


You can download from here a copy of the DFT Curriculum. This is not to be used as assessment ‘tick box’ exercise. It is a document which provides guidance for learning, assessment and teaching.  The E-Portfolio is the document in which evidence of assessment and learning for each of the Competency domains is recorded.


e-Learning for Healthcare


This link will take you to the East of England Learning Pathway (via the log-in page) of the E-Learning for Health website. There are several mandatory e-learning programmes here which you will need to complete, not only for your DFT year but also for full admittance the National Performers List.



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