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Dental Core Training


This section of the website provides an overview of Dental Core Training (DCT) in Health Education England Midlands and East.

A new UK Dental Core Training Curriculum was launched in 2016.

Training slides on the National Dental Core Training Curriculum and assessment framework can be found here

BAOMS and COPDEND have also produced guidelines and a joint position statement on Dental Core Training.


Turas ePortfolio

A new Turas ePortfolio has been developed for DCTs, designed to match the requirements of the curriculum.

Videos outlining the features of the ePortfolio for UK dental trainees and UK dental supervisors can be found here

Any technical difficulties relating to the Turas ePortfolio should be reported via the green helpdesk button on ePortfolio


Review of Competence Progression

As outlined in the UK Dental Core Training Curriculum, a review of competence progression forms part of the ongoing assessment process during the Dental Core Training year. An Interim Review of Competence Progression (IRCP) takes place mid-way through the training year and a Final Review of Competence Progression (FRCP) towards the end.

In the run up to the IRCP and FRCP, it is trainees’ responsibility to ensure that the key indicators around meeting with Educational Supervisors and Supervised Learning Event requirements have been undertaken and recorded in the Turas ePortfolio. The RCP panels will review the evidence provided in trainees’ ePortfolio and record outcomes as outlined in the National Curriculum.

Following the FRCP, certificates will be awarded to those DCTs who have met the National and local requirements for successful completion of their Dental Core Training year.



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