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Welcome to Registration!

The East of England scheme takes on 16-20 new practitioners per year to begin the registration process. The process of registration involves developing a portfolio of evidence to show how you meet the UKPHR standards. Please see the Framework and Guidance document for more information on this process.

Check your eligibility for the scheme here and see the Practitioner Pathway to registration here

The support programme we provide includes:

  • Open Day for practitioners considering applying to the scheme
  • Introductory Day: Delivered by a UKPHR Moderator, this one day course starts the process and attendance is mandatory for all practitioners accepted onto the scheme
  • Four Portfolio Development group (PDG) sessions. Once accepted onto the scheme into a cohort of 10 practitioners, each cohort is offered 4 full day portfolio development sessions. Facilitated by Sally Cray, an experienced provider of these sessions, you will engage with this action learning group to support your development of commentaries and evidence into a portfolio
  • Masterclasses: Optional days of training on topics identified by the cohorts as requiring further CPD. These sessions are not mandatory however will support your acquisition of knowledge for the technical competencies required by the UKPHR standards. The 2018 Masterclass programme will be published during in Spring 2018.
  • Commentary Writing Days: These are protected full day sessions available to Practitioners on all Cohorts who require additional time to develop their portfolio. Sessions are facilitated by the Scheme coordinator.
  • Monthly Teleconferences
  • E Portfolio submissions: The East of England scheme uses this system for uploading of practitioner work. A license fee is paid on your behalf by the scheme, which may be refundable if registration is not completed
  • Mentors: This is currently under development but mentors will support new practitioners in their own workplaces if required and are practitioners who have already undergone the registration process


Practitioners can begin the process of reviewing the UKPHR Standards and Indicators, using the self assessment form to identify gaps and begin the process of collating evidence against the indicators. Where areas for development are identified, the Public Health training list may be useful.

Public Health Practitioners at all levels can begin the portfolio development process prior to registering with the scheme. This document produced by RSPH provides the information you need to get started.

To register your interest in joining the scheme, please email

Resources for Practitioners currently on the scheme

This section is for practitioners in existing cohorts. Please notify us if the documents are not current or if you require further information to be made available here. The site is still under development.

Competency Mapping Grid

12 Essentials of Practitioner Registration

Commentary Template

E portfolio userguide (With thanks to KSS scheme)

Practitioner Application for an Assessor