ARCP for Public Health

All registrars in public health will be formally assessed at least annually through the ARCP. Assessment of your progress is through the review of your portfolio and supervisors’ reports.

Notification of ARCP dates will be a minimum of 6 weeks in advance - although we aim for much longer notice.

Broadly, we aim for an ARCP in March/April and in October/November each year.

It is a registrar's responsibility to ensure that your portfolio includes all the required evidence - and in good time - for their Educational Supervisor to assess before the key educational review meeting. Allow the Educational Supervisor at least two weeks to assess your portfolio before the review meeting.

It is the output of this educational review meeting - in the form of the Educational Supervisor report - which is passed to the ARCP panel.

Documents and evidence which are submitted less than 2 weeks before ARCP won't be accepted by the ARCP panel.

Guidance on the process is available for download from this page.

It is very important that your "Training Record Form" is completed accurately as this information is used to calculate your CCT date, and persuade the GMC/UKPHR/FPH that you have completed the right amount of training in the right locations. See the FAQ button below for tips on completing the Training Record Form.

Form R (Part B)

This must be completed for each ARCP and is a critical element of compliance with revalidation requirements. The form gets updated from time to time. Check the link below to ensure you are using the latest version.


Registrars are only expected to attend an ARCP panel in person if there is a possibility their progress is considered anything other than "satisfactory". Registrars will be aware of any potential concerns as these will be discussed during educational review meetings with their Educational Supervisor.

Registrars on maternity leave or out of programme (OOPE or OOPC) will not be required to submit their portfolio but are required to submit Form R (part B).


HEE information on ARCP
The "Gold Guide" v8

The Gold Guide has full details on how the ARCP process should be followed. This is the key reference on the topic.

Tips on completing the Training Record Form


It is surprisingly important that HEE and the programme have accurate details of the exact dates and names of your training locations. It is this information that persuades the FPH and GMC/UKPHR that you have spent the right amount of time in the relevant types of location.

HEE has its own database (TIS) which tracks your progress as well and this information comes from your Form R (Part B) and your training record form.

We need the exact detail to calculate your CCT date and there have been several occasions when this cannot be done with the information you have submitted. It is also a pain trying to work out different reported dates and locations and check back with you/TIS etc.


Common mistakes

1) Using different or the wrong names for the location:-


The GMC approves certain locations for training (we need to update the GMC from time to time, and updates needed following any reorganisation). See the GMC website for details of training locations that are approved .


2) Health protection attachments

There is a curriculum requirement for three months in a health protection location. This therefore needs to appear on your record as such. However, it does not always get recorded in this way.

Eg you may regard yourself as being basically based in a Bedford local authority, but you spend three months with the health protection team:-

•Wrong: Your location is only shown as a Bedford LA with no reference to the HPT;

•Wrong: Your location is shown as a Bedford LA with a note in brackets "including three months at the HPT".

•Wrong: You put both the Bedford LA and the HPT on the training record as separate locations, but these are with overlapping time periods making it look as though you are working 100% in two locations at the same time. If you are, let me know how you manage it.

•Right: Your location record shows you leaving a Bedford LA, moving to the HPT for three months, and then returning to a “new” location in a Bedford LA (even though this is really a continuation of your previous location.)


3) Dates: "No Gaps"


Unless you really do leave your employment with the lead employer, your location dates need to run continuously with no gaps:-

•Wrong: You leave location A on Thursday 2nd, have a long weekend including annual leave and record your new placement as starting on Monday 6th.

•Right:  You leave location A on Thursday 2nd, have a long weekend including annual leave and record your new placement as starting on Friday 3rd. Even if there is a weekend, a Bank Holiday, annual leave or time Out Of Programme between placements, please allocate this to one or another of your placements so that there are no days unallocated.


Maternity leave: although you may take accrued annual leave at the end of your maternity leave, the start date for your return from work is the day after your maternity leave ends.


4) Split placements:

These can be complicated especially with three-way splits which start and stop at different dates but make sure that each separate location is recorded accurately.

Educational Supervisor report template

The FPH Educational Supervisor report template can be found here

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