Requesting a placement

Documents on this page describe the various training locations and the process for requesting a new placement.

Placement panels are held twice a year in April and October.

Public Health England have produced a prospectus for their training opportunities -see documents lower down.

"Rough guide" to placements

The registars's group, PHREE, has produced a "rough guide" to placements - see links below.

Exit questionnaires

Please also see attached, exit questionnaires for placements, the supervisor and the programme.


The North and South zones

The geographical delivery of the specialty training programme is organised into a North and a South zone.

The North zone covers the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Bedfordshire.

The South zone covers the counties of Essex and Hertfordshire.

Training locations and training leads

Organisations providing placement opportunities are grouped in to locations.

Each location has an administrative "Training lead" who has reponsibility for the training environment in the location for the specialty training programme, but, depending on the location, more broadly across the department or unit. The training lead understands the current capacity for training - clinical supervisors, office facilities etc.

Out of programme placements

See the  HEEoE policy

Inter-deanery transfers (IDT)

Inter-deanery transfers are handled through a national process organised by HEE.

Further details here

"National Treasures"

The Faculty of Public Health accredits some training locations as "National Treasures".

Further details here.