February 2021

Good afternoon All,

As usual, I remain very grateful to everyone involved in keeping the specialty, non-core and practitioner and general school processes going during the COVID19 period. Please do get in touch with anything you think the school could be doing to support.

Update Summary

  1. Lead Employer Global
  2. Wellbeing
  3. National updates
  4. Faculty/regional update
  5. Educational ideas
  6. Spotlight
  7. Reminders and useful links

1. Lead Employer Global

St Helens & Knowsley produce key messages to be shared with colleagues in training and host organisations, to view this information go to the following link - https://sharedservices.sthk.nhs.uk/payroll/payroll-news/ 

The position for locations being able to pay registrar’s for out of hours work can be found in the attached email. StHK can commission this through a bank service, for more information contact Chloe - chloe.Foo@sthk.nhs.uk


2. Wellbeing

A monthly reminder that our wellbeing and happiness are always on the agenda and the ‘Action for Happiness’ website is a great resource.

There has been a Health and Wellbeing Survey completed by our registrar’s and the results are in review to ensure that any potential gaps are identified and supported.

On the UKPHR website there are a couple of useful blogs on ‘Surviving the stress of Covid’. To read the blogs click here.


3. National updates

HEEoE news including frequent stakeholder briefings can be found here.


4. Faculty/Regional update

HEE’s Stakeholder briefing can be found on the website.  

Health Protection:

Following a review of the on-call assessment process, there will no longer be a formal panel assessment. Instead, each registrar will have an individual assessment at the end of the mandatory 3-month HPT placement. The assessment will be undertaken by the HPT clinical supervisor, in conjunction with the registrar's Educational Supervisor. This will not only allow for assessment of readiness to join the on-call rota, but will also allow the relevant KA6 Learning Outcomes to be signed off.


Please read the ARCP email carefully in preparation for April ARCP which covers most of the registrars


5. Educational Ideas

Assessing training needs – some work on training needs analysis: there are some seminal articles on this by Janet Grant and the London Deanery have done some things on it but it all boils down to subjective measures of need by supervisors and trainees alike.

This is an interesting TED talk


6. Spotlight

Online teaching and training for GP trainees on Public Health placements:

The cohort of GP trainees who started their placements with us in February 2021 are trialling a selected set of online learning resources. This has been made available to the GP trainees in two pdf documents, with weblinks to existing online material, entitled: “Introduction to Public Health Concepts Draft v1.1” and “Next steps in Public Health Learning Draft v1.1”. The first set of resources aims to orientate the trainee to a Public Health environment and to introduce concepts which might be new or covered briefly in medical school. The second set of online learning contains longer e-learning modules to support the trainee as they start working on public health projects. There will be a third and final set of online learning resources (to be made available later in their placement) which aims to lead to deeper reflection on public health issues. 

There is remote/virtual support for this learning which includes drop-in zoom sessions for the GP trainees. The February 2021 GP cohort will join the April 2021 cohort of Foundation Year doctors and GP trainees for the established regional teaching days (currently delivered over Zoom). The aim is to provide blended learning which will fit flexibility into different working patterns and support local placements with high quality online teaching and training for their trainees. The documents containing weblinks to the selected online material will be made available on Sharepoint for review and comments. For more information about online learning and support for GP trainees, please contact Mei-Li Komashie, Lead for Population Health Teaching and Training on mmk24@medschl.cam.ac.uk


7. Reminders and Useful Links

Dates for the diary:


HEE Spring Symposium – 16th, 17th, 18th March

STC – 22nd March 15:00 – 16:00

ARCP – 21st April

School Board   - 28th April 14:00-16:00


Useful links:


Study Leave



General Public Health Queries & Support



Professional Support & Well-Being



Supported Return to Training



Revalidation & Assessment


Revalidation.eoe@hee.nhs.uk / assessment.eoe@hee.nhs.uk


That’s all the updates and reminders for this month. Please stay safe and well

With very best wishes


Jan Yates

Health Education East of England, Head of School, Public Health
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Independent Consultant in Public Health
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