There is no current recruitment to the Public Health Specialty Training Programme. There will be an update later in the year for 2020 ecruitment.

For ALL enquiries about the recruitment and selection process please contact

If you have specific queries about the programmes, please contact the Training Programme Director (TPD) in your area or in the area in which you wish to train. Contact details for TPDs.

Public health specialty training in the East of England: training and recruitment virtual event

The Public health specialty training programme in the East of England are holding a recruitment event on Wednesday 14th October, from 6pm to 8pm. This event is being run by public health registrars from the region, training programme directors and the head of school.

We will be covering:

  • What is public health?
  • Careers and key roles in public health
  • Training and routes to practice
  • The Faculty of Public Health and their role in training
  • East of England: specialty training in our region
  • The recruitment process

There will also be a Q&A session with registrars, training programme directors and the head of school giving you the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of training and recruitment. This session will have lots of useful information about public health as a specialty, the recruitment process and about training in our region, with insights from registrars about their experiences. This is also a great opportunity to get to know public health professionals in the region as well as other potential applicants. The session is open to anyone with an interest in public health training at any point in the future or who simply wants to know more about the specialty.

This event will take place via Zoom, details to follow on registration. To register for this event please email:


Recruitment for public health is managed nationally with applicants making a single application with expressed preference for specific programmes and, for some programmes, geographical zones. Assessment and selection is standardised across England, Scotland and Wales (Northern Ireland may interview independently). The public health specialty training programme selection process uses evidence based and validated selection methodology.

We recruit into the programme annually, in line with national guidance and requirements. Our programme is open to candidates from medical and non-medical backgrounds according to nationally agreed eligibility criteria. Queries regarding recruitment to the east of England programme should be directed to the Locality Training Programme Directors - see the "Contact" link on the right hand side.

Fixed term appointments

There may be occasional opportunities for fixed term appointments (up to two years) for individuals to satisfy specific educational objectives. These appointments are not arranged as a substitute for appointment through specialty recruitment but for individuals who are looking for additional specific training to complement their own career path. Interested individuals should submit a CV with an accompanying letter and personal statement of their objectives to the programme director. Applications will be considered on individual merit and against capacity to meet stated objectives. Applications will be formally approved by the postgraduate dean before acceptance.

The expected start date for successful applicants is August 2021 except where successful applicants meet criteria for a deferral.

Further details of the recruitment process are given below. The application process will be run electronically and all communications will be by e-mail through an automated system. Applicants should remain regularly in touch with their nominated email address to check their application status and for required action.

·         National adverts published (BMJ, NHS Jobs) 

·         On line application systems open 

·         Applicants are advised to ensure they are familiar with all detailed guidance before submitting their applications. Applications not complying with guidance will be rejected

·         Applicants successful at eligibility checking will be invited to a half day assessment centre (written tests of numerical and critical reasoning and a situational judgement [scenario based] test).

·         Written assessments will be conducted on line in various approved testing centres throughout the UK and Europe (a full list of locations will be available on the FPH webpages and sent with invitations to book places for assessment). Applicants will have some choice of locations. Assessment sittings will be held.

·         Applicants will be required to evidence their identity before taking the tests and will be given an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the testing systems before timed tests start.

·         Applicants should be aware that a cancelation charge may be incurred if they fail to attend a booked assessment.

·         Applicants will need to reach a minimum standard at the tests of numeracy, critical reasoning and situational judgment and a minimum combined score.

·         Applicants passing this standard will then be ranked according to their total scores at assessment centre.

·         Applicants at the top end of the ranking for written tests will be invited to a half day selection centre (face to face assessment).

·         Selection centre will be held in a single centre in Loughborough for all candidates.


Applicants will make a single electronic application and will be required to state, in preference order, their programmes, or relevant sub programmes, of choice. Applicants should note that the East of England offers two geographic sub programmes each of which is a single preference. Offers to applicants meeting the minimum required standards at interview will be made according to the final ranking scores in line with expressed preferences until all spaces are filled in all programmes. Applicants are advised to think carefully about preferencing. Final scores take account of written test scores as well as interview scores.