Policies, processes & guidance

There are four sets of policies that apply to the specialty training programme:

  1. Employer policies from St Helens & Knowsley Trust who employ all registrars;

  2. Policies relating to training and educational progression from Health Education East of England;

  3. Policies developed by the Public Health Specialty Training Programme tailored to provide specific guidance for public health;

  4. Overarching policies and associated guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC), the UKPHR and the Faculty of Public Health for all specialty training programmes.


Employment policies - St Helens and Knowsley (STHK)

As the lead employer for Public Heath registrars in the East if England, STHK policies regarding HR and salaries apply. STHK also administer some policies on behalf of HEE.

HEE East of England Policies

HEE East of England policies:

Click here for all of them.

Common HEEoE policies are:

Out of programme policy (OOP)

Less than full time training (LTFT)

Removals or relocation

Policies and guidance specific to the Public Health training programme can be found on the relevant pages in this part of the website and from the policy list above.


EoE Public Health Training Programme Policies & Guidance

A list of all EoE PHTP policies and guidance details all the local guidance available, which is agreed and approved by the Specialty Training Programme.

This list and some commonly accessed policies or forms are available to download at the bottom of the page. 

Faculty of Public Health Policies & Guidance

The FPH specialty training website is available here-  registrars are encouraged to read all the available information carefully.

For quick access to a list of FPH training downloads and useful forms, please click here.

GMC & UKPHR Policies

GMC Web page with several links including Less Than Full Time and Time Out of Training. GMC Out of programme:- web page with several links. There are various forms that can be found on the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) website including less than full time training and out of programme. For a list of FPH forms, they can be found here https://www.fph.org.uk/training-careers/specialty-training/training-down... The UKPHR also published a range of guidance documents and resources which can be accessed here https://ukphr.org/ A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Foundation and Specialty Training in the UK (also known as the Gold Guide) sets out the arrangements agreed by the four UK health departments for specialty training programmes. It is maintained by the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD) on behalf of the four UK health departments. The 9th edition of the Gold Guide can be found here https://www.copmed.org.uk/gold-guide/gold-guide-9th-edition