Public Health

Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Longitudinal supervision is provided throughout five years of Public Health training by a named, accredited Educational Supervisor (ES).

  • The ES is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for the overall supervision and management of a trainee’s trajectory of learning and educational progress during a placement or series of placements.
  • The ES role is completely separate from the Clinical Supervisor (CS), covering the whole training period and not linked to location.
  • The ES oversees the educational progress of the trainee and helps the trainee to plan their training and achieve agreed learning outcomes. He or she is responsible for: the educational agreement; signing off all learning outcomes; and for drawing evidence from a range of sources including clinical, activity and academic supervisors to form a summative judgement in the Educational Supervisor’s report for the ARCP.

A named Clinical Supervisor (CS) is a trainer who is responsible for overseeing a specified trainee’s service work throughout a placement in a public health environment and is appropriately trained to do so.

  • The CS oversees the service work of the trainee during one attachment and provides constructive feedback during that placement.
  • They will provide information to the Educational Supervisor for their report to the ARCP panel, and usually sign off most activity summary sheets.

The programme also allocates each trainee an Academic Supervisor. These individuals are Clinical Supervisors with specific expertise in academic public health and provide specific supervision and support during the MPhil course in ST1.


Accreditation and training of supervisors

The General Medical Council requires formal processes to approve Educational and Clinical Supervisors. Health Education England (HEE) is responsible to the GMC for ensuring that all Clinical and Educational supervisors demonstrate competence in key areas for accreditation once every three years.

The EoE PH TP Supervisor accreditation and training pathway policy (Sept 2020) describes what is required for supervisors to become accredited, and outlines how these training materials address the HEE tiered accreditation and training requirements. The policy can be downloaded below.

As described in the policy, Consultants in Public Health who are not yet accredited (or whose accreditation has lapsed) can be a named CS for a PH registrar and start to supervise once they have started the training pathway. HEE expects those who have started to supervise and commenced the training pathway to complete the required training and accreditation application within 12 months. (Educational Supervisors must be accredited and approved before becoming a named Educational Supervisor).

An online ‘Bridge’ platform is under development which guides prospective supervisors through all the relevant training required and offers information and support for how to complete the accreditation application form. Attendance at an online CS course is also required for new CSs and this is being organised for Spring 2021 for our Public Health faculty.


HEE Faculty Development support

The HEE webpages for Faculty development also offer career guidance and information on career progression for educators: The regional EoE HEE Faculty Development strategy delineates ‘tiers’ for faculty development – Public Health Clinical Supervisors are ‘Tier 2’ and Educational Supervisors are ‘Tier 3’.

These webpages also have details about additional regional training opportunities e.g. HEE ‘hub’ training – online videos and future teaching days; the annual HEE Autumn seminars & Spring symposia; and HEE Masterclasses.

Online resources & Professional Development Days

The Training Programme usually hosts Professional Development Days for Public Health educators bi-annually. The last PDD was held in November 2019 - face:face days in April and September 2020 were unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. The next PDD (online) will be in April 2021 focussed on CS training and support for accreditation.

Previous PDD materials and other educator resources will shortly be accessible on the Bridge online course for Public Health Clinical Supervisors, searchable by key topics such as feedback; workplace-based assessments; supporting trainees in difficulty; etc.


eLfH Faculty Development e-modules

As part of supervisor training, HEE requires that supervisors complete specific e-modules in the Educator Hub on the ‘e-Learning for Health’ platform. These requirements are detailed in the EoE PH TP Supervisor accreditation and training pathway policy and accreditation application form. Supervisors (or those wishing to become a supervisor) may also find additional components of the Educator Hub modules useful or relevant. To be able to access online learning you will need to register on . Once you are logged on please search for ‘Educator Training Resources’:


Supporting trainees in difficulty

If you are concerned that your trainee is in difficulty for any reason, you should liaise with their Educational Supervisor and TPD in the first instance.

HEEoE offers a Professional Support and Well-being Service for trainees. For various guidance documents which you may also find useful, please click here to go to the PSW home page.


For support or further information

Dr Kirsteen Watson (based at Health Education England) is the Lead for Faculty Development supporting the training, accreditation and continuing professional development of Educational and Clinical Supervisors in the Public Health training programme. Please contact Dr Kirsteen Watson for any advice or for further information on becoming accredited.


How to apply to be an Educational or Clinical Supervisor

Contact Dr Kirsteen Watson, Lead for Quality, Faculty Development and strategic projects on

An application form and the policy can be found below.


How to apply to be an Educational or Clinical Supervisor

Contact Dr Kirsteen Watson, Lead for Quality, Faculty Development and strategic projects on

Application forms and guidance frameworks can be found below.

  • Application form for accreditation of Clinical Supervisors
  • Supervisor Framework for Clinical Supervisors
  • Application form for accreditation of Educational Supervisors
  • Supervisor Framework for Clinical Supervisors
  • List of HEE recommended e-modules on e-learning for Health platform


Academic supervisors

All registrars will be allocated an Academic Supervisor.

This individual can be approached for expert guidance to improve the academic rigour of a piece of work a registrar is undertaking.

HEE Service Delivery Standards

Health Education East of England has developed a range of service delivery standards which apply to all education providers.

The link to these standards is here.

Of particular note is:

  • SDS 01 which includes the Job Description for a Clinical Supervisor.
  • SDA 01A which includes the Job Description for an Educational Supervisor.
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