Claims and Invoices

Educational Supervision (ESRs)

The GP School have now launched a fully electronic process for our Educational Supervision Review (ESR) claim forms.

Educational Supervisors complete reviews for their Trainees every six months. For those reviews which are completed whilst the Trainee is in a hospital post a fee of £250.00 can be claimed.

Please note that claims will not be processed if a trainee is in an innovative or GP post. These reports will be covered by the trainer's grant each practice receives. If a report is carried out for a trainee whilst in a GP post but separate to your own GP practice this money should be claimed via that practice through their trainer's grant fund. 

Educational Supervisors (not the Practice Manager) will need to complete the ESR claim form which can be found below (click on PDF image to download). Incorrect claim forms will not be accepted. All sections of this claim form must be completed. Claim forms MUST be received within 4 weeks of the ESR being completed and within the correct financial year in order for them to processed and paid.  

Please ensure that you save the form locally and open the original electronic claim form in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (not in a web browser or in PDF Previewer as the digital ID field will be disabled).  You will need to set up a digital ID, however, this set-up process only needs to be completed once. 

Step by step guidance for setting up a Digital ID can be found here:Image

Digital ID set up guide - Click Here

If required, Adobe Reader is available to download for free here:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Free - Click Here

Essential guidance for MAC users can be found here:

Electronic form guidance for MAC users - Click Here we strongly recommend MAC users follow this guidance to ensure the form has opened with the correct software prior to completion.

It is essential that you email the electronic form back to the GP School Administrator.  Printed, scanned or posted forms will not be accepted, so please ensure you email us the original electronic form once your digital ID has been added and the form saved. 

Once authorisation has been given on the claim, the GP School will e-mail the Educational Supervisor with confirmation and instructions to submit a practice invoice to SBS Wakefield. If Practice Managers would like to be copied in to the approval e-mail then please make a note of this on the claim form. 

If the Supervisor would like the payment to be paid to them personally, they will also need to complete and return the General Expenses claim form. Please note that this form MUST be completed electronically and then signed BY HAND.  Please scan and send your General Expenses claim form via email ALONG WITH your ESR claim form.


Continual Professional Development (CPD)
Further guidance on claiming for 2018/19 will be issued in due course. 
Guidance Notes on making a claim for Selection Assessment Centre

Claims will be processed only where they are supported by original receipts. If a public transport fare is being claimed, the trouble must be taken to obtain a receipt or the ticket must be withheld. 

Those travelling to interviews must use the most cost effective means possible.  Only reasonable travelling expenses will be paid up to a maximum of £50.  Overnight accommodation and subsistance will not be paid.

Please note:

  • Claim forms together with original receipts must be submitted to the Recruitment Unit at the address stated by no later than the given date .  Claims submitted late will not be reimbursed.
  • If claim forms are submitted incorrectly or adjustments have to be made then the expenses will not be paid.  It is your responsibility to ensure the form is completely correctly and that the correct form is used.
  • Claims for travel costs to pre-interview visits will not be reimbursed.
  • Claims will not be paid where a candidate fails to provide evidence of eligibility to apply for a training programme as required at interview
  • It is recommended that you retain a copy of your claim and receipts.
  • If an appointment offered is not accepted, expenses will not be reimbursed.

Travelling Expenses

  • Mileage allowance is currently paid at the public transport rate of 24p per mile.  Please ensure you enter the miles actually travelled in the appropriate column of the claim form.  Mileage will be checked against the AA route planner and reimbursed on this basis.
  • Rail fares are reimbursable at the standard rate only.
  • Taxi fares will only be paid for short journeys such as from the nearest train station to the interview venue (with receipt).  Extensive taxi journeys will not be authorised or reimbursed.
  • Travel by air from within the UK

Air fare within the UK may be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances and only when it prevents an overnight stay, but must be agreed in advance of the interview.

  • Travel from abroad

Candidates travelling from abroad by any means will be reimbursed from port of entry only (NB: Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are classed as part of Great Britain).

Invoicing Procedure

We are pleased to join with NHS Shared Business Services, our accounting partner in their effort of creating a Good Invoicing Practice amongst our suppliers. Hence we are providing you with the following options which are in line with sound invoicing principles.

If you are claiming via the GP Practice please kindly provide invoice numbers on your invoices specifying them as being so. You can refer to them as:

·         Invoice number

·         Invoice reference number

·         Bill number

·         Document number

·         Bill reference

This shall be accompanied by the invoice number which should ideally be sequential and alphanumeric (preferably more than 4 characters alphabetic or numeric or both). Please note that numbering of invoices is completely flexible but is mandatory to be done.

The purpose of this is to enable SBS to locate and identify your invoices on the systems as well as to facilitate you to locate your payment status and understand your remittance advices.

Bank account details should always be those of the practice. Under no circumstances should personal account details be provided on a Practice invoice.

Kindly note that with effect from 1st January 2010, SBS shall reject all invoices without invoice numbers and hence you are kindly requested to place invoice numbers on your invoices.

SBS are unable to accept any handwritten invoices, these must be typed.     

NHS SBS are now utilising an electronic invoicing system called Tradeshift.  If you are interested in submitting an electronic invoice then you can sign up for Tradeshift here.

If you do wish to claim personally for anything you will need to use the General Expenses Claim Form and send into the GP School office for approval.

If you have queries about claims please contact the GP School Administrator on