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Training Pathway - April 2024


New Aspiring Educator Training

The new Aspiring Educator Training programme replaces the old process from April 2024, though for educators currently undertaking the old process, this will be reviewed ona case by case basis and discretion may be applied by the Training Hubs.  


Utilising a blended approach and participants are expected to have done preparatory work before attending the face-to-face sessions run at their local area.
It removes the need for application forms and interviews and it is intended that the aspiring educator training must be completed in a single block and within 12 months of commencement.

More information is available in the FAQs document linked here.

The Pathway

The following flowchart depicts the 5 steps of the New Educator Pathway and should be followed sequently. Page references relate to the Aspiring Educator Training Workbook linked. Depending on prior learning not all steps need to be completed by all delegates, but all relevant steps must be completed to be recognised as a Tiered Educator.






How to enroll 

The new Aspiring Educator Training is managed and run locally. If you are interested in becoming a GP Educator, please contact your local Training Hub and advise them of your intentions. They will support and guide you through the process.

Local Training Hub Contact details can be found here





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