There are a number of payments that Educators and Practices may be entitled to whilst supervising GP Trainees. 

Please see below for specific guidance on each of these payments. 

If you have any queries in reference to the below, please contact GP Practice Payments Team


Educational Supervision (ESRs)


Educational Supervisors complete Educational Supervisor Reviews (ESR) for their Trainees every six months. For those reviews which are completed whilst the Trainee is in a hospital post a fee of £250.00 can be claimed.

Please note that claims will not be processed if a trainee is in an innovative or GP post. These reports will be covered by the trainers grant each practice receives. If a report is carried out for a trainee whilst in a GP post but separate to your own GP practice this money should be claimed via that practice through their trainer's grant fund. 


ESR Claim Form

Educational Supervisors (not the Practice Manager) will need to complete the ESR Claim Form

Please note:

  • All sections of this claim form must be completed.
  • Claim forms MUST be received within 4 weeks of the ESR being completed and within the correct financial year in order for them to processed and paid. 
  • Incorrect claim forms will not be accepted. 

One completed it is essential that the electronic form is emailed to the GP Practice Payments Team

Printed, scanned or posted forms will not be accepted, so please ensure you email us the original electronic form once your digital ID has been added and the form saved.

I.T. Guidance 

  • Please ensure that you save the form locally and open the original electronic claim form in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (not in a web browser or in PDF Previewer as the digital ID field will be disabled). 
  • You will need to set up a digital ID, however, this set-up process only needs to be completed once.​
  • Step by step guidance for setting up a Digital ID can be found here: Digital ID set up guide - Click Here
  • If required, Adobe Reader is available to download for free here: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Free - Click Here
  • Essential guidance for MAC users can be found here: Electronic form guidance for MAC users - Click Here we strongly recommend MAC users follow this guidance to ensure the form has opened with the correct software prior to completion.


Once the ESR Claim Form is received the Team will:

  • Authorise the Claim
  • If Authorised, they will email to confirm invoicing instructions and an Invoice Template.

Upon receipt of this email, the Practice will then need to raise an invoice and send through to the Wakefield address, which will be provided on the Invoice Template

Please note:

  • It is no longer possible to accept Personal Claims from Educational Supervisors, payments must be made through the Practice 
Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Please not that the claiming window for CPD 2020-21 is now open. 

We are pleased to advise that we are now able to coordinate the payment of the Trainer’s CPD Allowance for the period 2020-21. 

Who is Eligible?

The CPD allowance is for approved GP Trainers only. This cannot be claimed by Associate Trainers. Please do not submit an invoice for any Associate Trainer at your practice. Should you do this, you will be required to submit a credit note to remove this from the account and this will significantly delay the payment.

To qualify for this CPD payment Trainers must adhere to the following;

  1. Active GP trainers (within the last 2 years)
  2. Currently on the Performers List 
  3. Maintaining performance as a GP Trainer which must be evidenced in NHS appraisal documentation

By raising a claim Trainers must declare that they meet all the qualifying and will form part of an audit trail for NHS Finance purposes.

How to Claim:

All that is required is to complete an invoice and send to SBS Wakefield to claim the £750.00 allowance. If there is more than one approved GP trainer at your practice, you may include all on one invoice. The practice invoice must be typed, handwritten invoices will not be accepted. Please ensure the invoice includes:

  •          Practice details
  •          Invoice number and invoice date
  •          The approved GP Trainer name(s) (this allowance is NOT for Associate Trainers)
  •          Practice account details
  •          Total amount (no VAT should be added)

Payment will then be made directly to your practice via the practice account. Under no circumstances should this invoice template be used for personal payments. No VAT should be added to this invoice.

All invoices must be with SBS Wakefield no later than 31st January 2021. We would recommend you allow at least two weeks for your invoice to reach SBS Wakefield.

Please contact the GP Practice Payments Team to receive a Invoice Template or for any further information .  

Trainer Grants

Change of Process

Please note that from August 2019 you will no longer be required to complete Honorary Contracts for trainees starting placement in your practice.

You will also not need to raise any invoices to receive payment for related Trainers Grant, all Trainer Grant payments will now be made automatically.

Payments will be made retrospectively every 6 months to ensure full compliance with standing financial instructions and a consistent format across Midlands and East.

The benefit of paying Trainer Grant payments to practices in this way include:

  • more accurate payments based on a daily rate covering the exact period the trainee has been based in your practice
  • appropriate adjustments made automatically for any trainees on long terms sick etc (there will be no reduction made for any less than full time trainees)
  • payments made directly via NHS England and Primary Care Service England
  • there will be no need for Practices to raise invoices as payments will be made direct and can be viewed in the Open Exeter system

The trainer grant payment is now paid retrospectively and calculated on a pro rata (daily) basis.

Trainer grant payments will be made during the following months:

  • March 2020 to include TG for the period 7 August 2019 – 4 February 2020.
  • September 2020 to include TG for the period 5 February 2020 – 4 August 2020.
  • March 2021 to include TG for the period 5 August 2020 - 9 February 2021

All payments will be paid automatically via NHS England. You will be able to see what payments you have received through Open Exeter.

Payments are made in line with rotations to ensure payments made are as accurate as possible.

Whilst Honorary Contracts are no longer required Trainers must ensure that they return the ‘Trainer Accreditation Agreement’ which is sent following Trainer approval and re-approval.

Please contact us at if you have any queries relating to payments you have received


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