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Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Educational supervisor

Foundation Programme doctors will have an Educational Supervisor and a Clinical Supervisor. They may or may not be the same person.

The education supervisor will oversee their education and progress over the whole year.

Clinical supervisor

The clinical supervisor is the person responsible for the F2 doctor while they are in their placement (the GP leading on F2 in the practice will be the clinical supervisor while they are in the practice).  They should have at least Associate Trainer qualifications.

The clinical supervisor is responsible for:

  • - Patient safety
  • - Trainee safety 
  • - Supervising trainee’s day to day clinical and professional practice
  • - Supporting the trainee assessment process
  • - Ensuring trainees have the appropriate range and mix of clinical exposures
  • - Arranging a work programme which also enables the trainee to attend fixed educational sessions
  • - Liaising with the trainee’s Educational supervisor regularly and promptly if any difficulties are emerging during the training.
  • - Signing relevant employment-related paperwork on behalf of the trust while the trainee is working in the practice.