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Assessors and Verifiers are the custodians of the standards of practice for practitioners and their roles are of the upmost importance. The UKPHR provide training and moderation for these roles which are carried out on a voluntary basis by senior members of the public health workforce and without the commitment and support of these teams, the schemes would not be able to facilitate registration.

Assessors and Verifiers are appointed by the Board of the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) (following satisfactory completion of mandatory initial training) for a period of three years, with an option for a further term or terms, by mutual consent between the assessor/ verifier, the scheme co-ordinator and the UKPHR.

Assessor Team

The East of England scheme currently has a team of 19 assessors from a wide variety of public health roles. Becoming an assessor contributes to CPD and enables assessors- who are often line/service managers- to understand fully the standards and processes involved with the registration process. Practitioners who have completed the registration process are encouraged to take up the assessor role, as are specialist registrars.

Value and Benefits of becoming an Assessor

·         Contribute to the development of public health careers for individuals.

·         Support the professionalisation of public health practitioners

·         UKPHR certificated training and appraisal that can contribute to your own CPD – ‘trained to assess’,  and on-going training

·         Enhances your understanding of how the full range and scope of public health knowledge and skills are applied to the implementation of public health interventions by practitioners

·         Broadens your appreciation of public health agendas, policies, roles, services and interventions in other areas – both geographical and service area

·         Develops a sound grasp of retrospective portfolio building which could help with own future portfolio development


Verifier Team

There are 4 verifiers in the East of England scheme and we are fortunate that they bring a wealth of experience from separate fields of public health, being registered consultants themselves with the GMC, GDC and UKPHR. Here are their reasons for contributing to UKPHR practitioner registration;

"There has for a while been a lot of focus on specialists but there is a much wider PH workforce which needs to prove it meets a high quality standard"

"Quality processes are required and should be in place for all levels of such an important workforce"

"Registration provides the link between the different sectors of public health and helps people to recognise that key competencies are transferable, providing us with a more flexible and structured workforce"

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Resources for current assessors

This section is for the current assessor team. It is still under development so please let us know if there is other information you would find useful which can be displayed here.

UKPHR Framework and Guidance

UKPHR Supporting Information

E portfolio userguide (with thanks to KSS scheme)

12 essentials

UKPHR Standards and Indicators

Employer guidance for supporting Assessors