This page is for our colleagues in other LETBs, Schools, Trusts and Practices.

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Please download the Rough GuideApplicants' Handbook and Curriculum, which should answer most if not all of your questions; and you can visit for information and advice on the national application process

You can download a Supervision and Assessment guide from this page.

Contact the Quality Improvement team if you have a query about Quality Monitoring Visits.


General Practice

For information on becoming an Associate Trainer, funding placements or gaining approval to be a Training Practice, please visit this page for further information, or contact the GP School. You can also download this quick guide to GP training in foundation.

Email the Relocation Expenses team at Health Education East of England with queries about travel expenses.


Professional Support Unit (PSU)

The PSU helps doctors in difficulty back on track with their training, offering a consistent, single point of access to expert advice, guidance and support for trainees and their educators. Click here to find out more.



Guidance on signing off F1 and F2 trainees is here. Follow the same process for trainees who are completing out of phase. SCRIPT guidance is also available on the same page. 

Click here to access the UKFPO guide to the ARCP process.


Transfer of Information

Medical School to F1

National guidance on transfer of information sent by Medical Schools to the trainees' first employing Trusts is here. The blank form can be downloaded here.

F1 to F2

EAFS guidance on transfer of information sent from F1 trainees' completing Trust to their first F2 Trust, including a blank form, is here.



The UKFPO is predicting the Foundation Programme will be undersubscribed at the point of allocation in March 2017. 

Click here to view the UKFPO Undersubscription Guide.



Trainees In Difficulty

Managing trainees in need of extra support

Trainees who are at risk of poor performance, or who will require extra support for any reason, should in the first instance be highlighted by the national Transfer of Information (TOI) process from their medical schools. 

Appropriate support should be established at the start of the training programme, in agreement between the FTPD and the trainee. 

If the trainee encounters unanticipated difficulties, initial assessments and remediation will take place within their Trust in consultation between the Educational Supervisor and FTPD. It is anticipated that most of these issues can be resolved at Trust level. 

However, if the FTPD identifies a need for:
•    Remedial training
•    Occupational Health support
•    Less than Full Time Training
then they should contact the Foundation School Director for advice. 


"Trainee In Difficulty" 

If the FTPD and Educational Supervisor are unable to put measures in place to ensure the trainee’s fitness to practise, and there is a serious risk to patient safety or the trainee’s own wellbeing, the FTPD should inform:

•    Foundation School Director
•    Trust’s Medical Director
•    Trust’s Human Resources department
•    Occupational Health 

At this stage the FTPD should request a meeting between the trainee, the Foundation School Director and the HEEoE Professional Support Unit (PSU).

Click here for the PSU definition of "Level 3 concern", which indicates a "Trainee in Difficulty".


Flexible Training

The trainee may decide, in consultation with the FTPD, to consider Less Than Full Time Training or an Inter-Foundation School Transfer

Local and National Policy

Click here for a comprehensive list of HEEoE policies and procedures.

Please refer to the UKFPO website if you have a query relating to national policy.

Meetings and Events

HEEoE Foundation Training Programme Directors' Forum (Tri-annual)

The most recent FTPD Forum was held on May 4th. The February 2017 meeting was replaced by the Faculty Development Day in March - see below.

Next Meeting Date: Sep 7 2017, 14.00-16.00


East Anglia Foundation Training Board (Biannual)

The most recent EAFTB Meeting was held on 27 April 2016 at HEEoE. Following repatriation, the Board membership is currently under review.

Next Meeting Date: TBC


HEEoE Faculty Development Day (Annual)

The most recent Faculty Development Day was held on 4 February 2016 at The Belfry Hotel in Cambourne. 


Please email if you have a technical problem.

Medical staff at Trusts have administrative rights allowing them to edit and update trainee information and can change the location assigned to a trainee if this is preventing you from accessing an account. Unfortunately we don't have specialist knowledge of Horus functions and can't offer technical advice or support.

Work is currently being undertaken to allow LAS doctors to have access to Horus - we will email details when they are available.

Locum Recruitment

In December 2014 the UKFPO published an updated version of the Recruitment to one-year F2 LAT Programmes framework and person specification for the 2015 recruitment round. 


Key changes are:

The deadline for accepting a FY2 LAT post must be no later than 1st July. Any posts advertised after the end of May should be advertised as LAS posts.

The Reapplication to Foundation Training form must be completed by any foundation doctor reapplying to a foundation training programme who has previously been removed or resigned from either a two-year foundation programme or a one-year F2 LAT. 

If you are a GP practice recruiting Locum F2 GPs you will find the Practice Managers' Handbook invaluable.